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Closed space and mutual reflection system

The calculation of the so-called mutual reflection, is in the closed space between the two parallel planes and other internal, when the light (or luminous flux) after reflection, the quantitative description of the final impact or effect by mathematical formula. The light source (such as indoor lighting lamps installed with a light source), in addition to the direct light illumination effect, indirect illumination of light reflected from the top of the walls, cutlery and other objects, Xu arrived after operation or the designated locations also contributed. Under normal circumstances, due to the interaction and influence of the interaction, the average illuminance on the work surface or the specific location of the illumination or brightness increases.

The object of the reciprocal reflection theory and calculation method in lighting engineering is as follows:

Indoor illumination, brightness of the front side, suitable for flux method;

Analysis of the optical properties of lighting fixtures;

Application of integral sphere side light;

The transparent material, filter transmittance and reflectance comprehensive comprehensive prediction. Recently, the indoor lighting design and planning techniques of mutual reflection equation and digital image processing technology, CG (computer graphics applications called ray tracing method. S, the light scattering of each relevant basin reflection, is one of the real equation) as the visual evaluation means to be used.

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