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Chinese wind lighting: a new appearance of modern simplicity

Through the ingenious art refining and abstract modeling, the ancient elements condensed into the geometry of the essence of the minimalist style, so that the Chinese wind lighting in the face of a new look in the face of modern simplicity.

Speaking of Chinese wind lighting, most people's impression may be sheepskin lamp, ceramic lamp, lamp or cage like other traditional lanterns, it seems that only these traditional materials and styles, can emit pure and strong China taste.

Chinese wind lighting: a new appearance of modern simplicity

However, this situation to emphasize the simplicity and design sense of the moment, and a new change.

In the design of the new thinking China wind lighting designers, who have abandoned the streets, ceramics and other traditional auspicious clouds of blue and white China elements, a search for new elements from the more ancient broad traditional culture, such as sonorous armor, mysterious temples, rustic vessels, as well as traditional lanterns, bell so, big buildings, small appliances, are a source of inspiration; on the other hand, through the art of refining and other abstract ingenious elements, concise ancient to uphold the essence of the geometric modeling of minimalism, let the wind Chinese lighting to new features of modern minimalist appeared in front of everyone.

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