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China's manufacturing three cent world, LED manufacture at a high cost

Manufacturing of industrial development in China, is a giant. , so to speak, has been made in China's reputation is big shock the world, even if is made in China now faces many difficulties, difficult to lift the competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry and, therefore, is not lost, especially a large public and private enterprises, in the transformation and upgrading, information management, towards the international market, innovation of industry chain development has made great progress, and become the most dynamic part of the local economy. A few large manufacturing enterprises based on the investment in equipment, capital and management advantages, maintained a strong strength and potential, and become an important support of the local economy.
So, how about the development of China's manufacturing industry? Anbound recently by a number of areas of sample survey found that China's manufacturing industry can be said to be the three cent world - successful transformation, unable to save, hard to survive each accounted for a third. Draw a conclusion: companies about a third of China's manufacturing sector has been successful transformation, realize the upgrading, the future is to expand the size of the problem; And a third of the manufacturers have closed, or become zombies, unable to save; Finally, a third of the companies in trouble, is differentiation, is on its way to break through or failure of the critical threshold.
Made in China, therefore, three cent world situation has become a reality, and make the LED display industry of emerging as a Chinese, since the LED display outbreak in China, after more than ten years of development, now the industry has become more stable, however, the change of the LED display industry and criticism has never disappear over time, the Chinese LED display industry still like made in China has lost its absolute advantage, if three points are made in China and all the pattern accordingly, which ranks the Chinese LED display industry is in?
LED display, small and medium enterprises in transition and development of long-term survival
"The successful transformation, unable to save, hard to survive" the development of Chinese manufacturing firms are no matter how all of the three circles, LED display Chinese companies. As is known to all, due to China's LED display industry into the threshold low, in addition to the original screen companies large and small, every year there are a lot of people into the LED display industry, investment, production and sales, LED display market divided by a great number of companies, leading industry competitiveness increased year by year.
Under the situation in this industry, a large LED display manufacturers to tighten the market layout, transformation of mode of operation, actively realize the successful transformation. However, not most of the LED display companies are able to realize the transformation, for enterprise to bring more opportunities and development space. In recent years, the LED display industry leading enterprises concurrently Evergrande trend is obvious, but many small and medium-sized LED enterprise development are not so good, the enterprise successful transformation were also quite far away. Can say most of the LED display, small and medium enterprises also stage hard to survive.
For medium-sized enterprise LED display, while during the company development, but compared with the industry leading enterprises, medium-sized enterprise strength is relatively lack, money is difficult, but also moment in the face of industry changes and the vicious competition of the industry, requires both survival transformation, card between the two is embarrassed.
Small LED display companies currently development adhere to the low volume profit way, rely on old customers for marketing profit, this way of life itself there are serious defects, therefore, when change the enterprise hard to survive in the industry, for example: "boom", "patent war", "failures" and so on, in the face of these problems, the survival of small LED companies would be in trouble, can't even save, toward the closing of the wall.
Loss of competitiveness of manufacturing LED display enterprise competitiveness is the key
China's manufacturing industry after rising production costs, labor costs, competitiveness declined dramatically. And international technical updates at a staggering rate, China's traditional manufacturing and therefore in the shade. In addition, some competition advantages, China's manufacturing competitiveness.
According to the personage inside course of study says, "China's manufacturing industry's main rival is Mexico, because the Chinese worker's wage costs almost identical with Mexico, quite close to the United States and Mexico, commonly so willing to move manufacturing enterprise, will consider to Mexico investment." This virtually caused the local Chinese manufacturing enterprises to escape, escape and foreign companies, the status quo in the LED display industry this kind of phenomenon also is very outstanding. Especially in 2016, LED display, LED lighting enterprise more choose to flee before in shenzhen, in dongguan, huizhou and other places to move factories, unprecedented competition pressure to strengthen enterprise survival pressure.
However, from the current domestic LED display industry competition level, also the basic competition in product, technology level, competition key indicators reflect on, price, quality, delivery, after-sales service and so on several aspects, especially highlight factors of price at present stage. Along with the increase of competitiveness, the competition between enterprise brand also gradually increased, the user to select products, see the product itself, not just the strength of the enterprise and influence is also one of the main reasons for consumers to choose.
Actually, now LED display application range, broad development platform, LED display companies face competition, opportunities coexist at the same time, the enterprise to seize the opportunity to seek development and transformation and upgrading, shape the corporate brand is key.
Based on innovation, focus on manufacturing, standing in the market demand and user perspective brings more high quality product for the customer, in order to expand enterprise influence, deepen the enterprise brand effect is LED display the most important ways of enterprise market competitiveness. LED display companies should be aware of: the future enterprise competition will be the product and brand competition!

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