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Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris, France, S3 new hall lighting design appreciation

The two wings of the building (350m) the ceiling is a light transparent poly carbonic anhydrase material, metal halogen lamp installed in the ventilation pipeline according to the ceiling, highlighting the material light and strong features, rarely used in the same place. The handrail is made of glass and has a color gradient from deep to shallow. The walls and partitions are frosted colored glass, creating a friendly atmosphere for the upstairs area. A light box made of transparent glass is placed in front of the colored wall, emphasizing the entrance of the store, which is also placed around the technical service area and the rest area.

S3 Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris, France

In the center zone of the building do not see any lights from the lighting lamps, halogen lamps installed projection in the internal structure of the surface layer, the lighting effect from time to time changing light, full of rhythm, light in the cement ground, given the special customs passenger area (at the junction here is Schengen District and the International District). When passengers enter the area in front of the overpass, the silhouette will be projected on the wall, resulting in a Chinese shadow like effect, but also adds a vivid color to the region.

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