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Cause of lightning formation

The formation process of lightning can be divided into three stages: rising of air flow, charge separation and discharge. In the thunderstorm season, the ground water is heated into steam rising, and then meets the cold air condensed into water drops, cloud formation. The water droplets in the clouds are produced by the friction of the strong air flow, and the small water droplets are easy to be carried away by the air flow to form a negatively charged cloud. Because of electrostatic induction, and between the Shenzhen people lighting design of land surface and clouds and clouds will induce the specific charge, when the electric field reaches a certain value, which happened between people and discharge or thunder and lightning of thunder. Typical lightning development process as shown in figure 9.1. Shenzhen lighting engineering

According to the test, the discharge of thunderman more negatively charged. With the negative charge cloud accumulation, the electric field strength increases gradually, when reaching 25 30kV / cm, the near empty gas insulation failure, will produce Leiyun discharge.

The sketch map of thundercloud discharge

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