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Canon adopts the technology of the surface of the LED bulb can replace 100 w products

Canon marketing Japan (CanonMarketingJapan, Canon MJ) starting on July 17, 2013, sales of LED bulbs. The company will in future in Japan exclusive sales headquarters is located in silicon valley venture enterprises in the United States sales of products. Incandescent light bulb shape of the product USES the E26 lamp holder (Edison standard screw base), high diffusion, adjustable optical characteristics. Using surface heat dissipation technology. 
Canon MJ, first of all, through the web site listed the equivalent to 60 W bulb color (810 lm, 2700 k, 13.5 W), the equivalent of 80 W bulb color (1160 lm, 2700 k, 18.5 W) as well as the equivalent of 100 W white (1520 lm, 4000 k, W) 20.0 3 product. The price of 8480 yen and 10480 yen, respectively 11480 yen. With 3 years warranty for free. Although the same brightness (total luminous flux beam) compared to the existing product price is high, the power consumption is big, but has the function of adjustable light, diffusivity and incandescent light bulbs, so pay attention to light qualitative user such as hotels and shops for the sale. From the light to the object on the color with white bulb ball close to the level of knowledge, said the level of Ra value index (average color) above 80 a year. In addition, the use of E17 socket products such as other shapes of products is also in development. 
Developer divide for SWITCHLighting company headquartered in SAN jose, California, the United States. Products factory in Thailand. Sales of 3 product use 10 or 12 leds, transparent or gonorrhea in an airtight glass shell in the sealing liquid silicon. The heat generated by the liquid silicon can absorb LED, promote cooling. Liquid circulation by convection, the glass shell and releasing heat lamp holder on the aluminum heat sink. As a result of the liquid silicon thermal conductivity is higher than air, so the cooling efficiency better than existing products. This will prevent the LED heat degradation, and to achieve the high brightness and long life. 
Canon MJ will also since September 2013 in home appliance store and other stores sales, at the same time will also through electrical material trading company to sell. Plans to sell 40000 before the end of March 2014. 

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