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Below -10 or above 50 degrees Celsius environment will have a negative impact on the life of the lamp, what is the reason

The influence of low temperature on the service life of the lamp is the difficulty of starting light and low light output. When the ambient temperature is below -10 degrees, the tube of mercury vapor pressure is too low, the gas discharge lamp is very difficult, will not start, the electronic circuit components are still working, will not be able to withstand large power and burning. When the ambient temperature is low, even if it can start, the light output will be very low, can not meet the lighting requirements.

The effect of high temperature on the service life of the lamp is greatly reduced. The highest temperature is 105 degrees (usually components such as the life of electrolytic capacitor at 105 degrees for 1000 hours), when the ambient temperature is above 50 degrees, the ambient temperature will be higher in a plastic shell, and the lamp baking and heating components, electronic components, temperature sealing strength even more than 100 degrees, components will not be a long time under high temperature and burning. In addition, the ambient temperature is too high, the light output will be greatly reduced.


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