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Beijing, the capital, announced plans to phase out incandescent action by 2015

"Action plan" put forward the goal: by 2015, the city stopped the import and sale of 15 watts and above the incandescent lamp, public institutions, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, commercial office buildings, business units of industrial enterprises to stop the use of incandescent lamp, energy-saving light source and wide use of efficient lighting, light source waste recycling system basically established. Is conducive to the development of green lighting market environment and the policy of a basic system. Municipal Development and reform, quality supervision, industry and commerce, commerce, finance, etc..

By the end of 2015, Beijing will gradually eliminate the hotel, restaurants, shopping malls, commercial office incandescent. Municipal Development and Reform Commission yesterday (23 May) officially issued by the municipal government announced the approval of the "Beijing ordinary incandescent lamp action plan (2011-2015)".

Municipal Development and reform, quality supervision, industry and commerce, commerce, finance and other departments will jointly carry out incandescent lamps, incandescent lamps to replace the quality of light source, the focus of the industry to monitor the situation of incandescent lamps.

"Action plan" phased objectives put forward: in June 1st this year, to stop the import and sale of 100 watts and above power incandescent lamps; June 1st next year, to stop the import and sale of incandescent power at 60 watts and above the lamp; since January 1, 2015, to stop the import and sale of incandescent power at 15 watts and above the lamp.

Special attention of residents groups, implementation of new projects to the old at the same time, this year to continue in the city's households, families of disabled persons and students to carry out energy-saving lamps "old for new" as an incandescent lamp to buy a limited purchase of energy-saving lamps, only a few.

For low protection and disabled families, the cost of subsidies to continue one yuan energy-saving lamp policy, the implementation of the free exchange of primary and secondary school students, given by the government subsidies. Special note: this site reproduced all the comments do not represent the views of this site, such as the need for related products, please contact the site, the copyright belongs to the original author.

Government agencies to stop incandescent lamp "action plan" put forward: all levels of government agencies before the end of 2013 to stop the use of incandescent lamps, other public institutions by the end of 2014 to stop the use of incandescent lamps.

The cost of procurement and installation of alternative light sources shall be borne by the unit. Before the end of 2015, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, commercial office buildings, industrial enterprises and other production and business units to stop the use of incandescent lamps. Continue to promote the use of national efficient lighting products subsidy policy, subsidies for large users of government funds 30%, the user self raised by 70%.

The promotion of LED light source 2011-2012, to replace the existing traditional lighting sources in the underground pilot application of LED lighting products, contract energy management demonstration of LED lighting products in the Government underground parking lot and other indoor lighting field, in accordance with the requirements of national unity, to carry out LED tube lamp and LED lamp demonstration application.

2013-2015, according to the pilot demonstration, expand the scope of the promotion, and gradually promote the use of LED light source in other public institutions in the city, property and shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, industrial enterprises and other business units.

Carry out the work of recycling, and gradually establish a system of processing institutions and institutions rely on the existing recycling enterprises for recycling, after the concentration of transport to the processing enterprise. Has not yet established a mature recovery system of public institutions and other areas of the bulk of waste production units can be commissioned to help the establishment of recycling enterprises, and is responsible for recycling. Organs and institutions are required to recover the purchase of 90% of its waste fluorescent lamp.

Set up recycling sites in the community, relying on the existing renewable resources recycling network and garbage classification pilot district, responsible for the collection and transportation of recycling companies. To promote the public will be home to the recycling of waste light points to focus on recycling.

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