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Appreciation of lighting design in Beijing, China (three)

This green glass box lighting well, light flow in the space around, to create a smooth and natural space, according to Kumake Go, the courtyard house was inspired by Beijing, "I put in the courtyard of the air flow into the hotel feeling". The courtyard walls in the courtyard is a very unique space, and the house is also the use of hidden light into the bottom of the pool to the patio, 'light' is the design elements of the swimming pool, so I select the stainless steel material, it can reflect the natural light and light fiber, so that the whole swimming pool is more brilliant. When you are in it, the light and the shadow merge and reflect in the water, and it is as if the human race is wandering in the dark and light. Stainless steel swimming pool can reflect natural light and optical fiber light, shining bright. "

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