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Appreciation of B6 and B8 lighting design in the east area of Qianmen Street, Beijing, China (two)

Building facade lighting to 4000K ground narrow angle projection, the original reconstruction of the body of the facade is the use of 3000K to emphasize its importance. Selectively illuminate the wall to emphasize the courtyard entrance. The fresh fish Street North and south sides of the main facade lighting provides traditional and modern two modes: in the traditional mode, only open the wall column lighting provided by the 4000K narrow angle light, corresponding to the potential of traditional food store formats; in the modern mode, only open the two layer concave space provided by the 3000K line for lighting light, a layer of 4000K color for courtyard entrance, lighting relatively abstract corresponding store potential of modern fashion industry.

Appreciation of B6 and B8 lighting design in the east area of Qianmen Street, Beijing, China (two)

The interior garden is provided with a light emitting lamp installed at a higher position of the real wall, which selectively illuminates the ground and the plant landscape. The ceiling inside the courtyard gallery under the grille lamps and LED lamps integrated shot railings are the case set, combined with building components, to achieve the day hidden. The courtyard edge and vertical transportation by rail LED integrated lamps provide lighting, the light in veranda under the ceiling warm illumination, through the light color contrast highlights the interesting traffic space. The internal courtyard space to take the way of leasing into many businesses, because of its business and different contents of different lighting, traffic lighting space provided by the railings LED lamps integrated will become the inner space clues, different space links become an organic whole. Roof platform lighting is provided only by the integration of light rail LED lamps, the building facade to maintain the dark, abide by the courtyard of the building space, "heaven and man" of the Chinese traditional architectural philosophy.


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