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Analysis of Guangzhou South Railway Station lighting engineering (two)

Both decorative and functional lighting the central corridor, the transparent ceiling two long sides of the bottom of the decorative plate structure, are installed to frame structure light irradiation and downward provide functional lighting direction adjustable metal halide lamp, as well as the grandeur of the ceiling light, but also meet the functional lighting demand in the region the installation of lamps, do a better concealment.

The central corridor on both sides of the waiting area by direct illumination and indirect illumination combination. Using the vault skylight Ma and ends decorative plate structure, and installation of indirect lighting lamps and direct lighting. Indirect lighting and decorative plate structure hidden in the road above the vault to cast light metal plate. Halogen downlight Ma direct lighting using a wide light distribution, direct lighting decorative plate arch ends with adjustable direction of metal halide lamp. The two part of the direct lighting covering the entire waiting area, with the addition of indirect lighting, the formation of a uniform and comfortable lighting results.

Platform layer and the introduction of the lighting layer to direct lighting. The design uses a "DARKLIGHT" type energy-saving lamp, avoid high brightness lamp itself. Lamp layout to take a large space, high single lamp power approach, greatly improved the visual experience. In the design of a large "V" type concrete rail bridge station layer made of lighting, hoping to emphasize its magnificent momentum, the unique effect of the space form. However, due to the reasons for the duration of the project, and ultimately only retain direct lighting, which must be said to be a pity.


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