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An analysis of the concept of lighting design in Italy boutiques (three)

After the renovation of the highly flexible store space is indeed a wise move owners. Some people may say that the store did not matter what,

Because most of the Internet generation live in the virtual world,

The same is also online shopping. So Luisa via Roma shop specifically to create a sense of technology, attention. Cool white LED lights highlight a sense of technology. Special emphasis should be placed on the color temperature in the 4000K, because at this time the most clear color. In the ingenious design of architect Claudio Nadi, the clear light of the morning and the diffuse light from the LED give the whole space a sense of "all morning.".

An analysis of the concept of lighting design in Italy boutiques (three)

Claudio Nadi's works often show the theme of "change", such as past and present, innovation and history, form and function, and the relationship between product and communication. He described the project as "a decorative but yet sophisticated space, the baroque style of decoration without decoration, and the interaction between the seasons and the human senses. As long as people are still keen on shopping, shopping space still needs to be designed according to their experience needs. The success of the store is to move the world into reality.

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