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4 steps to do a good job building lighting

Building lighting project has become part of the city lighting, the following can be done to explain how to build the body lighting project

1, night plan supporting

According to the overall plan of the city, the night lighting plan should be in line with the characteristics of the city and the building. Building lighting project different street style and lots of features, in different situations and the lighting of the building has a different feeling, therefore, different areas should have different requirements.

2, closely linked with urban construction

A city lighting project with the construction and planning, construction, etc.. Building lighting project in municipal engineering, key cultural relics, as well as the construction of the facade renovation and other things, to move forward together.

3, combined with other lighting

The composition of the city's different landscapes to package natural objects and artificial construction, the body of both the body and the size of the microscopic form of micro, and some focus on the use of function, and some highlight decorative appreciation. From the previous emphasis on the application of functional transformation and aesthetic emphasis. After the continuity, standardization, the expansion of the implementation of the program and the progress of skills and artistic level.

4, city plans with

Urban night lighting should be strictly separated from the urban planning, building lighting is a part of urban planning. Floor lighting according to the overall plan to focus on the performance of a city to build a landmark project, not just for lighting and lighting. And it should have high artistic sense, very aptly, become the city classic.


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