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2016 incandescent will completely withdraw from the incandescent LED ushered in opportunities

Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of customs and the State Administration for Industry and commerce, quality inspection administration jointly issued the "on the day before gradually ban the import and sale of ordinary incandescent lighting notice", from October 1st next year China will ban the import and sale of 100 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting; 5 years to October 1, 2016, ordinary incandescent lamp will be completely out of the market. The news of energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, fluorescent lamp manufacturers is a major positive.

In the sale of incandescent lamp has been very little

After three years of government subsidies to promote energy-saving lamps have been widely accepted by the people. "Yesterday, as one of the provincial government subsidies for energy-saving lamps manufacturers, one of the group of Hengdian State Lighting Co., Ltd., the relevant person in charge told reporters that this year's sales of energy-saving lamps is very hot, they have sold 450 thousand.

The director of Department of energy resources committee said: "what Dingren incandescent delisting is sooner or later, now users have been few. "What Dingren told reporters that this year is the fiscal subsidy according to" green project "to promote the fourth years, as of November this year, Jinhua has been the promotion of energy-saving lights 1 million 200 thousand.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw in the urban lighting market, many lamps are energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps have rarely seen. In financial subsidies to promote energy-saving lamps in the action, the public can be in a lot of outlets to 50% price, the bulk of the user to the price of 70% to buy a specified type of energy-saving lamps. Market operators told reporters: after the implementation of government subsidies, an ordinary energy-saving lamps as long as three or four yuan. "

An energy-saving lamp life up to more than 10 thousand hours, and more energy efficient than incandescent light, more affordable, more gentle. According to estimates, incandescent lamp in the use of only 5% of the electricity used for lighting, and the remaining 95% of all by the heat consumption. According to estimates, China's lighting electricity accounts for about 12% of the total electricity consumption. If all of the incandescent lamps used for energy-saving lamps, saving 48 billion kwh per year.

Light energy prices hit

Originally thought that the policy came out, sales of energy-saving lamps will be better, I did not expect to encounter a price increase. "Urban lighting market dealers complained to reporters, now can only rely on the sale of the previous inventory to earn some money, the goods price rose a lot, the price of the reasons is that the skyrocketing prices of raw materials of rare earth.

The utility model relates to an energy-saving lamp, belonging to a fluorescent lamp, which is used to stimulate the fluorescent powder coating on the inner wall of the lamp tube to achieve the effect of light emission by ultraviolet light. The fluorescent powder coated on the wall of the lamp tube accounts for more than 75% of the specific gravity of the raw material. In April this year, rare earth prices skyrocketing in March, or 280 yuan / kg, has now risen to 2600 yuan / kg. Rare earth as the main raw material for the three primary phosphor prices even high innovation, raw material prices, the price of each energy-saving lamps have been raised by 4 to $5, or up to 30%.

Now on the market, PHILPS, OSRAM and other foreign brands more than 10% of the price fluctuations, but overall sales were not affected, but some non brand lamps will be very difficult to sell. A lamp boss told reporters that the same price, consumers prefer to buy a little more money to buy brand-name. He is going to have some non brand sold out, no longer to these enterprises to purchase.

It has been reported that Fujian, Zhejiang, many of the energy-saving lamp enterprises and therefore closed down.

LED lamps are expected to bear the important task of energy saving

Raw material prices, so that energy-saving lamps are very hurt, but to provide space for the development of LED lamps. The production of LED light on the earth is very common on the earth, making a LED chip needs to be used to reduce the amount of rare earth in micrograms, while a few grams of energy-saving lamps, rare earth prices have little impact on the LED industry. "Zhejiang Ming Chuang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Fu Dejun said.

More importantly, the price difference between the two is narrowing. To the family's most popular compact energy-saving lamps, for example, the previous price of more than a dozen yuan / branch, now rose to more than 30 yuan, while the same price of LED lights before the price of around $80 / branch, recently fell to $50. At present, we launched the 5 Watt LED lamp, as long as the price of $forty or fifty, in the face of the difference between the $20, many people fancy LED lights more energy saving, more controllable, mercury free and other advantages, will tend to buy LED lights. Fu Dejun said that at present, Guangdong and other places a large number of LED lighting companies closed down, the main reason is that these companies have not yet mastered the core technology. The Ming Dynasty in the application of optoelectronic technology has mastered a number of patented technology, you can use government subsidies to further expand and strengthen.

On September, the general office of the State Council issued the Circular of the State Council on printing and distributing the comprehensive work plan for energy conservation and emission reduction in the year of 12th Five-Year. One of the LED lighting support is reflected in three aspects: one is to accelerate the industrialization of technology, put forward the "key support of semiconductor lighting technology"; two is to guide the consumer oriented, put forward the "residents to promote the use of energy-efficient appliances, lighting products etc.; the three is to improve the incentive policy, put forward by the way of financial subsidies promote energy-efficient household appliances, lighting products etc., LED terminal lighting energy subsidies, the amount of subsidy is expected to be as high as 8 billion yuan.

In the case of the popularity of energy-saving lamps for many years, urban lighting will usher in a wave of replacement LED peak. At present, Jinhua has several roads and China by Wu theater LED lighting, is expected in the state financial subsidies, LED light will accelerate to the residents of the indoor use of expansion.


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