Domed Top LED Neon Flex 0613

Domed Top LED Neon Flex 0613 is Side Bending, 24v, IP67 Silicone Neon Flex, at only 6 x 13mm and featuring a spot free high lumen output, this revolutionary neon flex can be recessed or surface mounted making it a complete, highly versatile systematic installation solution, suitable for installations on facade lighting, indoor and outdoor projects. Silicone Neon can be used outdoor environment for long-term exposure to direct sunlight, no yellowing and aging over 3 years.


Product: Domed Top LED Neon Flex 0613

Model: AR-0613

Color: White/RGB/RGBW

Voltage: 24V

Rated Wattage: 14W

Dimension: L5000*6*13MM

Cuttable: 50mm

Leds Quantity: 120leds 2835

Protection: IP67



- Strong bending resistance. Archled uses the international first-class raw material brand, high pure soft silicone, double layer FPC board protection, unique internal space design.

- With the light visible while the fixture invisible. Compared with the traditional ordinary strip light, this generation of silicone neon strip has no spot, see the light but the fixture,soft light and no glare. It can be a linear light source.

- Resistant to high and low temperature crack.Silicone neon strip, more resistant to high and low temperature than the market PVC,without glue crack,non-break FPC board.

- Not easy to burn. The silicone neon strip with flammability rating V0, not easy to burn,safe and worry-free.

- Yellowing resistance, not easy to turn yellow. Resistance to yellowing, silicone neon strips are not easily decomposed by ultraviolet rays and ozone, and are not easy to turn yellow compared with PVC material.

- Environment-friendly silicone, environment-friendly material.This generation of neon strip is made of pure silicone, which is more environmentally friendly.

- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

- 3 Years Warranty















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