LED Neon Flex Silicone Body Cover Recessed

The Silicone Cover Flexible Recessed cover for Neon LED Strip can be installed in all types of installations with LED strips inside, specially designed to protect and hide the LED strips, allowing for professional, clean and stylish installations.
The silicone profiles are flexible and when the LED Strip is installed, a Neon light effect is achieved. They are made for lighting modern environments with a clean and elegant indirect light.

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Product: LED Neon Flex Silicone Body Cover

Material: Silicone
Installation:Surface & Recessed
LED Strip:8mm, 10mm
Warranty: 3 Years


- Silicone material, not easy to get yellowish, flame retardant, high light transmission
- Free bending, can be cut to fit any design
- No-puncture split design for quick embedded installation
- Various dimensions for option








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