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What is unique about COB light strips compared to SMD lights?

COB low-voltage flexible light strips shine brightly in indoor decoration and whole house customization, and mainless lighting has been widely mentioned and applied with the emergence of COB light strips. There are two common types of LED flexible lights: one is a regular SMD LED light strip, and the other is a COB light strip.

The main difference between ordinary light strips and COB light strips is the light source used, which is the difference in LED manufacturing process and LED packaging.

COB light strip

Ordinary light strips use packaged LED beads or SMD LEDs installed on the strip to emit light through a single SMD bead.

COB light strip is a cost-effective linear LED light strip that has been innovatively developed in the LED industry in recent years. COB is the abbreviation for Chips On Board, which means on board chip packaging. LED is a diode device that is very afraid of heat. COB light strip directly encapsulates the LED chip on a flexible PCB, which is beneficial for heat dissipation and can save space for product assembly.

Due to the use of continuous fluorescent powder coating, the COB lamp strip can output uniform light without very obvious individual light points, resulting in high uniformity and consistency of luminescence. The biggest feature of COB light strips is that they cannot see the light and are soft and have no light spots.

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