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Li Qing's three quarter revenue increased year by year, about 41 million 400 thousand increase in Shanghai Liqing

The LED lamp module factory, Li Qing, consolidated its revenue in September by 362 million yuan (NT $, the same below), increasing by 0.88% in the month and 4.54% in the year. The combined revenue in the third quarter was 1 billion 79 million yuan, increased by 5.15% in the quarter, and increased by 16.58% per year. The cumulative revenue in September was 3 billion 163 million yuan, increasing by 17.07% per year.

Li Qing said that the third quarter was the off-season of traditional automobile industry, and affected by the Sino US trade war, the consumer market in the mainland of China was affected. Sales volume in the auto market declined, but it benefited from the overall stable and stable shipment of its LED lamp module. Among them, the LED taillight module product had a remarkable annual growth rate of 20%. The battalion has gained outstanding results in the past quarter.

Li Qing's new orders received since the fourth quarter of last year have been gradually produced and shipped in the second half of this year. The main customers of Li Qing have increased their temperature and kept the company's overall capacity utilization at a certain level, so as to achieve good growth performance in the fourth quarter peak season.

In addition, Li Qing announced yesterday (11) that it would increase the amount of Li Qing Automotive Technology (Shanghai) Limited with a maximum of not more than US $6000000 (equivalent to RMB 41 million 400 thousand yuan).


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