DMX to PWM 4CH Decoder


  • dmx-pwm 4ch decoder the advanced micro control unit.
  • dmx-pwm 4ch decoder receives standard DMX-512 digital control signal and transforms it into PWM signal for driving LED.
  • ARC-DP04:4 channels and Max.6A for each channel
  • ARC-DP08:8 channels and Max.4A for each channel.
  • ARC-DP09:9 channels and Max.4A for each channel.
  • Support White, Dynamic White, RGB, RGBW.
  • DMX Address can be set by DIP switch on the decoder.
  • User can connect this DMX decoder with our Artnet controller or standalone controller.
  • Frequency 8KHZ, LED no flicker in camera recording.
  • Protection: Short circuit, hot pugging, and reverse connection.

Model ARC-DP04 ARC-DP08 ARC-DP09
Input Voltage DC5-24V DC5-24V DC5-24V
Input Current 15A 30A 30A
Standby Power <1W <1W <1W
Dimming Protocol DMX512 DMX512 DMX512
Signal Connection Compressed Connector XLR 5pin or RJ45 XLR 5pin or RJ45
Control Channel 4Channels 8Channels 9Channels
Connection Mode Common Anode Common Anode Common Anode
Driver Mode Constant Voltage Constant Voltage Constant Voltage
LED Output Load RGBW:4 A Per Output

RGB:5A Per Output

RGBW:4 A Per Output

RGB:5A Per Output

RGB:4A Per Output
LED Output Voltage DC5-24V DC5-24V DC5-24V
Dimension 146*65*41mm 146*65*41mm 77*58*20mm

(With Brackets)

166*65*41mm 166*65*41mm 97*58*20mm
Working Temperature -20-60 -20-60 ℃ -20-60 ℃
IP IP20 IP20 IP20
Certificate CE CE CE

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