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Taiwan labor disputes start again, LED factory employees go to the streets to protest for the dispatch.
Xiamen is tightening up the innovation of "nose", the five countermeasures to create 100 billion photoelectric industry group
Buddha illuminated: LED lighting of new pharmacist temple in Japan
The demand for LED lighting in Germany has surged, and Malaysia has taken the lead.
Jiangsu market LED lights 70% electromagnetic compatibility is not qualified
Vietnam's exclusion from China, LED companies in China, Japan and South Korea are affected.
Yulin Market: LED lights and energy-saving lamps evenly share the world.
Chongqing taxi LED screen is now "Wulong gate". Taiwan LED becomes a drug trafficker "accomplice".
Ancient town lamp owners told employees to leave their employees for infringement, claiming 10 thousand yuan.
High temperature intolerable, Guangxi Qinzhou LED screen "heat stroke" spontaneous combustion
The transformation of Zhejiang's export trade has accelerated, and export unit price has been rising rapidly.
India's new prime minister takes office to ignite LED lighting business opportunities
Last year, Zhongshan Ancient Town lighting infringement cases accounted for nearly 40% of the whole province.
Thailand intends to intervene in LED lamp price
The LED lights are red, and the nail Market is shining.
Thailand coup has no real threat to Taiwan LED manufacturers
Seize the energy-saving lamps and promote the "tail".
Hainan to eliminate incandescent lamps in the next 5 years
The floods hit the PRD, and Dongguan LED business was "ruined".
Tall: Fujian police distribute LED shoulder lamp night patrol.
Unbearable LED market competition pressure, a factory stops backlight packaging production
Guangdong's LED output value reached 281 billion 100 million in 2013.
Canton Tower will cost tens of millions of yuan to add LED "new makeup".
Chevrolet love Europe "planting" LED light group, us urgent recall
Domestic LED market expands greatly, Ningbo lighting enterprises compete for business opportunities
People's Tucao LED street lights are a little colder.
Football fans enjoy the biggest LED screen in Asia to watch the world cup.
LED street lighting saves more than 10000 kilowatt hours per day at Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway.
Xiamen: by the end of 2016, public institutions will complete 520 thousand LED lighting transformation.
Brazil World Cup starts, LED Shenzhen screen
By the end of June, Hubei Baokang County LED street lamp full coverage.
Britain and Liverpool have invested huge sums of money in changing LED street lights, and Cree is in favor.
Kenya electric lighting company intends to invest $600 million to rebuild infrastructure
LED shuffle tide sample: Ningbo globe optoelectronics is coming up.
LED lighting is coming: Russia will increase imports.
Zhejiang Haining speed up LED street lighting transformation
China's first LED zoom tube lamp appears in Foshan.
将暂停l奖led par38灯项目评比 美能源署 (doe)
Jiangmen city lighting planning to implement a big saving rate of 50%
Russian government energy efficiency plan to develop LED lighting market opportunity
Tianjin to transform street lighting main road brightness increased by 30%
Fujian's first export LED demonstration area in Hunan Province
Seoul Metro and shopping malls will use LED lights and run-up energy self-sufficiency plan.
Taiwan compulsory inspection of LED bulbs since July
The United Arab Emirates banned inefficient lamps in July 1st
5 million 100 thousand, Sichuan Yibin auction LED display outdoor advertising.
Canton Tower will transform nightscape lighting, and LED bulbs should resist 8 winds.
LED street lamp case, Taiwan public servant sentenced first instance
Jiangmen LED industry wants to reverse industrial design
Huizhou street lights enter the LED era and save more than 50% of electricity in the year.
LED lamp purchase, ask after sale service is very important.
Su will spend 40 million yuan to transform urban lighting and install thousands of LED street lamps.
"Made in Guangdong" brand lamps were detected unqualified.
Singapore will reload 4000 LED street lamps
Guangzhou Luogang will replace 23 thousand LED street lights enabled IOT intelligent management
Energy Star LED bulbs sell more than 45 million annual sales.
PHILPS gets Taiwan's first LED bulb CNS certification
Has China made LED bulbs stolen in North Korea?
Puyang county approved to build Henan LED light quality inspection center
Cross strait cooperation in research and development of white light LED red phosphor


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