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LED Linear Light 03 Series

1. LED Linear trunking light is an energy saving,low maintenance replacement to traditional linear fluorescent for many industrial,commercial and light assembly applications.It is the perfect solution for traditional lighting systems and also excellent for new installations because of its low installation cost, everything in one box and installation is tool-less, so LED Linear trunking lights help you save both time and costs when updating lighting systems.

2. Compare to the conventional fluorescent linear light that the LED linear trunking system's luminous flux increase 38% and the energy consumption reduce 34%. With pre-wired trunking rail and tool-free connectors, it allowed customer to save 50% cost of manpower for installation.

3. LED Linear Trunking Lights include two parts, one is trunking rail, the other is luminaire. The trunking rail & luminaire are assembled by the scientific buckle design, quick installation, easy replacement and low maintenance cost. Luminaries can be positioned flexibly and the system can be adapted to suit structual alterations at any time. The trunking rail is simply a matter of replacing or adding lighting modules,light sources as required, and it can be connected seamlessly.

4. Taking reliable well-known brand Osram led chip, Nichia and Philips led chip are available upon customer's request.

5. Top Quality IP67 waterproof LED Driver, CE,RoHS, UL and CUL approval.

6. Pre-wired trunking, 5 and 7 core wirings available.

7. Working Temperature range: -30°C----+60°C

- Hotels

- Conference/Meeting rooms

- Factories and offices

- Commercial purposes

- Residential / Institution buildings

- Schools, colleges, universities and hospitals

- Places which needs energy saving and high color rendering index lighting

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