Xiamen hold innovation "hand", five measures a billion photovoltaic industry group
Source: Date:2018-03-05

As a national semiconductor lighting industrialization base of Xiamen, since 2004, proposed to cultivate strategic target of the optoelectronics industry, adhere to the "five innovations", the achievement of a hundred billion photovoltaic industry cluster.

In 2013, Xiamen optoelectronics industry achieved a total output value of 121 billion 800 million yuan, accounting for about 20% of total industrial output value of Xiamen, the province accounted for more than half of the total output value of photoelectric. "Innovation, quality, attention to" development of characteristic industry has been summarized as "Xiamen mode", become China's LED industry development in one of two modes.

In 2008, the Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau opened the first in China, guiding the establishment of Xiamen City Association of photoelectric Photoelectric Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance, promoting cooperative technology innovation photoelectric. The city has invested 20 million yuan of financial funds for science and technology, and promote the social total investment of about 180 million yuan, the implementation of the "semiconductor lighting alliance LED epitaxy, chip and package" key technology research and industrialization projects, "LED lighting technology innovation and demonstration project" and "mobile communications and digital television light transmitting cover technical innovation and the industrialization of three major scientific and technological projects, the city lighting class LED chip, LED lamp and optical communication technology at that time reached the leading domestic level. The city's photovoltaic industry patents increased year by year, as since 2008, the city's patent licensing LED totaled 1775, the average annual growth of 27%, 924 invention patents, the average annual growth of 25%.

The two is the main innovation, guide enterprises to enhance the capability of independent innovation. Xiamen city hold innovation of this bid and take measures to strengthen the technological innovation capability of the enterprises. As of 2013, Xiamen city has invested 9 million 30 thousand yuan of funds to support science and technology, driven by a total of 100 million yuan of funds, based on the needs of key and common technology of optoelectronic industry, and guide enterprises to innovation, promote the industrialization of innovation. In the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and other relevant departments to vigorously support and guidance, Xiamen City photoelectric the dominant position of enterprises in independent innovation to further enhance. For example, white LED chip light effect of Sanan optoelectronics R & D 147 lumens per watt, the industrialization level of up to 120-130 lumens per watt, has reached the international advanced level; Xiamen sun's 3 years ahead of the U. S. Department of energy LED bulb OEM price target of $10 per thousand lumens; dry red light LED chip light effect the electric light reached the leading domestic level, becoming one of only two suppliers of the 2013 CCTV Spring Festival evening scene LED display red chip; Xiamen launched the world's first emergency LED fluorescent lamp for photoelectric, the products have passed CE, ROHS certification; Tong Shi was the design of a lamp Chinese won the Red Star Design Award; LED fenics lamp design won the so-called "design Oscar of the German IF design award. At present, Xiamen photovoltaic industry has 23 Enterprise Technology Center (including 3 national, 7 provincial and 13 municipal key laboratory), 3 (including 1 national, 1 provincial and 1 municipal), 3 National postdoctoral workstation, 7 Engineering Technology Research Center (including 2 at the provincial level 5, municipal).

Three is the innovation application, build quality demonstration project. Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and other departments adhering to the "development" purposes, play "ten city lights", "cross bridge" demonstration work guidance, actively with the relevant departments, advocating social construction "boutique" engineering philosophy. As of now, Xiamen has promoted 2 million 600 thousand LED lighting lamps, the annual savings of 60 million kwh, annual CO2, SO2, NOX, to reduce dust emissions by about 80 thousand tons. Among them, Xiamen ten city lights demonstration project, a total investment of 30 million yuan LED special financial subsidies, and promote the social total investment of 170 million yuan, has implemented a total of 140 thousand LED lights, more than 50% energy saving, energy saving 70%-80% part of the project. In addition, Xiamen city also declare the success of the implementation of 13.2MWP national "golden sun" solar photovoltaic demonstration projects, and actively declare national distributed solar power generation demonstration zone. Good social effect formed by the above works, 2012 -2013, Xiamen based business model construction of LED application project has achieved good results, using EMC and BT model were carried out in about 60 thousand LED tunnel lights, more than 3 thousand LED road lamps, Xiamen tunnel lighting has been basically all used LED lamps.

Four is the innovation environment, stimulate the vitality of industrial innovation. Xiamen city every year to come up with financial innovation and R & D expenditures of 75% built a series of industries including LED public service platform. Such as Xiamen to finance the first phase of investment 100 million yuan, completed the Xiamen national LED certification testing center, has become an important support base for the development of LED industry; encourage and guide enterprises to build LED application development center, marketing center and innovation platform LED. In recent years, in the Department of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, support and guidance, photoelectric Association expert group took the lead in the country to complete the preparation of the "LED road lighting" and other nine local regulations and technical specifications. On this basis, "LED road lighting power led" and "high power LED Street" two provincial local standards have been issued and become the mutual recognition between Fujian and Taiwan; "LED indoor lighting products general requirements" and other 3 provincial standard has been approved by experts to be released, and become the mutual recognition between Fujian and Taiwan, among them, "a LED road lighting scene dynamic measurement method" is to declare the upgrade to national standards, to promote the healthy and sustainable development of Xiamen semiconductor lighting industry provides a reliable technical support. In addition, Xiamen city attaches great importance to personnel training, the introduction of LED and reserve. In 2012 -2013, the "double hundred plans" and "all rivers run into sea" and other personnel plan, train and introduce the LED industry management and technical personnel; the establishment of Xiamen optoelectronic industry personnel training base construction of the working committee, the implementation of LED talents training base personnel training and enterprise customization.

Five is the innovation cooperation, promote foreign exchange industry win-win. Over the years, the Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, torch hi tech Zone, photoelectric Association and other units and Taiwan Electric Power Association, Taiwan, Taiwan ITRI Optoelectronics Association is committed to promoting the building of the strengths of cross-strait industrial cooperation mechanism. At present, Taiwan science and technology enterprise incubation center, Xiamen integrated electrical design of public service platform and 7 theme base. In 2012 -2013, Xiamen Sanan optoelectronics shares Taiwan canyuan photoelectricity, Taiwan EPISTAR investment and development in Xiamen lighting; Xiamen leedarson and EPISTAR to build China's first cross-strait technology center; Fujian and Taiwan for the first time released LED mutual recognition of standards and carry out testing than equivalence; "the first LED street lamp demonstration project two shore bridge" in the ground city. Since 2004, the Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and other units held for 9 consecutive years in Taiwan during the rendezvous photo series of activities, organized a total of more than 1000 (Times) enterprises, about 30 thousand professional exhibitors participating merchants (more than 300 Taiwan funded enterprises, the merchants of Taiwan more than 1 people), to more than $1 billion to purchase contracts, has become the the most influential and charismatic industry event. At the same time, organize enterprises to participate in a series of major domestic and international professional exhibition. According to incomplete statistics, bring about $450 million intention international orders for the enterprises in Xiamen city. In 2013, Xiamen became the Sino German joint implementation of semiconductor lighting demonstration project evaluation work of China only.

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