Jiangsu market selling LED lamp 70% unqualified electromagnetic compatibility
Source: Date:2018-03-05

Jiangsu Province Quality Supervision Bureau released the first quarter of 2014, LED lighting products and quality analysis of energy-saving lighting products, 103 batches of LED light pass rate of 60.2%, market sales of 50 batches of products pass rate of only 30%, there are more quality problems.

This sampling, LED lights failed projects focused on electromagnetic compatibility. Senior Engineer Shi Zhaoyang national semiconductor lighting product quality supervision and Inspection Center said that the interference to other household appliances main characteristics of electromagnetic compatibility LED running lights, if not qualified, could lead to the distribution system or connected to this system and other electronic products will not work properly.

Jiangsu Province, the existing types of lighting more than 2000 enterprises, of which, LED lighting appliances manufacturing enterprises more than 500, lighting production enterprises more than 1200, electric light source production enterprise more than 400, ballast, trigger, lamp, lamp base and other accessories production enterprises more than 100. Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau recently released the LED lighting products and energy-saving lamp quality report, the market sales of the LED pass rate of 30%.

The qualified rate of 85 batches of checks for energy-saving lights 69.4%

"Jiangsu is one of the important points of the domestic production base of energy-saving light source products, has a complete industrial chain, the number of enterprises more advantages." Power source product quality supervision and inspection center engineer Liu Jue told reporters, Jiangsu Province, energy-saving lamps lamp and accessories production enterprise more than 500, mainly distributed in Yancheng, Changzhou, Yangzhou, Wuxi, Suqian and other regions.

According to the inspection results show: the supervision and inspection of energy-saving lamps products 85 batches, the market covers major brands and models, 59 batches of qualified, a pass rate of 69.4%. Among them, the production of products in the field of Quality Supervision checks 35 batches, 33 batches of qualified, a pass rate of 94.3%; commercial product quality risk monitoring of 50 batches of qualified, qualified 26 batches, pass rate sampling inspection 52%.

Jiangsu market sales of LED light pass rate of 30%

In the Jiangsu area, LED lighting products accounted for too many. The supervision and inspection of 103 batches of the products in the field of production, Quality Supervision checks 53 batches, 47 batches of qualified, a pass rate of 88.7%. The commercially available product quality risk monitoring 50 batches, of which 15 batches of qualified, a pass rate of 30%, there are more quality problems.

According to Shi Zhaoyang, the national semiconductor lighting product quality supervision and inspection center, deputy director of introduction, through the analysis of the Jiangsu unit of production and circulation field sampling results, the quality of the overall status of products in Jiangsu enterprises are better than the current circulation products. At the same time, Jiangsu enterprises LED lighting products 3C or CQC certification ratio of about 40%, higher than the circulation proportion of similar products certification. But from the inspection performance of photoelectric color, the important performance index in the initial luminous efficiency, power factor, color index, color temperature etc., our province reached the domestic high level product ratio is not high.

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