India's new prime minister, lighting LED lighting business
Source: Date:2018-03-05

The Prime Minister of India on May 16, 2014 election ballot, the newly elected Prime Minister Modi (Narendra Modi), promised for investment in power and railway construction in order to improve the economy of India, and plans to make every family within five years can be used for indoor lighting, which will open up opportunities for LED and solar energy. In addition, Modi promised in 2019 before the household at least can install a bulb.

According to the world bank, as the world's population ranked second in the country, India has tremendous energy demand, and this demand will double the growth in 2020. At present, there are about 300 million people to enjoy the benefits of power grid, 27% of the electricity wasted because of technical problems. In 2012, 700 million people living in two days without power supply, but also It is quite common for in India. In addition, India's price is not cheap. Low income families are unable to pay the high cost, and the choice of such as diesel generators such as cheap and dangerous alternatives.

Although there is no clear statement modi LED lighting is a part of his plan, but it's clear that, India government has realized that LED is more energy saving than traditional lighting. In addition, Modi also plans to expand the solar industry, and promised in the next few years will make India solid state lighting market huge vitality. (China LED /jasmine compiler)

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