British Liverpool has invested heavily in favor of Cree facelift LED lamp
Source: Date:2018-03-05

Foreign media reported on the 13, the British city of Liverpool municipal government has decided in the next 2 years to spend 7 million pounds to the existing orange lamp replaced sodium light LED energy-saving lamp is bright. Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson said, LED lamp section can improve lighting brightness, make the streets safer, the annual carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced to 1400 tons; once the comprehensive facelift LED lamp, down 5 years maintenance costs will be reduced to 2 million 700 thousand pounds.

Liverpool since June launched the first phase of the transshipment operation, 12000 local street lamps will be installed on the new LED lights. Liverpool street, a total of 57000 annual energy costs amounted to 2 million 600 thousand pounds.

LED, Philadelphia semiconductor manufacturing giant upstream grain index CREE, Inc. 13, rose 5.01% to close at $49.66, the highest since April 24th closing high. So far this year Cree decline of 20.57%, far less than the Philadelphia index rose 17.28%.

Cree said last month, will be the fastest in the summer in the company headquarters near $17 million 660 thousand to build a new production plant. Cree spokesman pointed out that once the construction started, estimated within a year can be completed. Cree announced in May 8th, before the company at an average price of $47.11 to buy 2 million 100 thousand shares of ordinary shares in their own company, a total of $99 million 600 thousand. According to the latest plan adopted by the board of directors, from June 20, 2013 to June 28, 2015 during this period of time, Cree plans to buy back $300 million ordinary shares in their own company in the amount of.

According to reports, the U.S. Secretary of energy Ernest Moniz May 22nd praised the Detroit public lighting bureau at a press conference (PLA) training and education plan procurement of LED street lights. Detroit mayor Mike Duggan of Cree, Inc., United States forest light (Leotek Electronics USA Corp.; electronic membership Lite group) and the Detroit Walker-Miller Energy Service Companies to work together with the PLA put forward innovative measures express congratulations.

In January this year PLA resolution in the next 2 years will be more than 50 thousand of Detroit city street lamp energy-saving comprehensive LED facelift. PLA pointed out that this year in addition to the Detroit province 1 million 500 thousand dollars, outside the three to get Street orders for the company also promised to provide education and training for local students.

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