The Russian government plans to develop energy efficiency LED lighting market development opportunity
Source: Date:2018-03-05

Russia's energy efficiency program advocated by the government led to the LED business, LED 2013 in the Russian lighting market appear substantial growth. The plan before 2020 to enhance the energy efficiency of lighting products, and reduce 40% of gross domestic product (GDP) per unit of energy consumption.

Russian lighting business consultants (Lighting Business Consulting LLC) business partner Sergey Borovkov, in the nineteenth Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in the LEDinside interview, according to the current situation, the Russian lighting market prospects are put forward.

Russian lighting business consultant business partner Sergey Borovkov

At $3 billion 700 million on the Russian LED luminaire revenue in 2020

LED lighting and lighting, lighting in the Russian market accounted for continued growth. At present, LED lighting product revenue accounted for about 37% of the total revenue of the general lighting market, $714 million. BorovKov said that the estimated LED lighting products accounted for, will grow to 83% in 2020, revenue of about $3 billion 700 million.

At present, commercial lighting is the lighting market than the largest sector accounted for Russia, followed by office lighting and industrial lighting and other fields, these areas have sufficient funds, and there is a certain demand for lighting quality and energy saving, so relatively other areas too big. With the lighting market gradually towards the development of smart lighting field, but also for the growth of demand controller.

However, now in addition to halogen replacement lighting, the overall lighting alternative accounted for relatively few, because of its high prices, the government has considered in the procurement of outdoor lighting equipment. Borovkov pointed out that the Russian government procurement lighting equipment, pay more attention to the price and quality. Therefore, outdoor lighting equipment in the current Russian government procurement, six have become lower priced nano bulbs and lamps etc.. [1] [2] next page

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