Brand giants to launch the channel smash, lighting enterprises become OEM generation plant
Source: Date:2018-01-05

In China lighting industry development, only a short period of thirty years of experience, but the changes in turn the world upside down. The era of brand competition, brand lighting giant polarization, relying on a strong channel and brand resources of lighting brand penetration. Under this background, lighting companies discovered "to the brand" the phenomenon of plagiarism, lighting enterprises from the early in the workshop, with rich production line of independent brands, to a single category OEM manufacturer. From "brand" to "popular brand" gap in Chinese lighting industry development, only a short period of thirty years of experience, but the changes in turn the world upside down. For many people the old lights, lighting is more of a group of people to do the lighting of exotic, in fact is from the beginning of the earliest foreign OEM, and gradually from the early Taiwan lighting business, Wenzhou lighting business, and then to Zhongshan, Dongguan and other changes. With the blending of Chinese and Western culture, the huge domestic market rise, major manufacturers have fought in the domestic independent brand sales. However, unlike Europeans appreciate the artistic beauty of the lighting itself aesthetic habits, China ordinary consumers rarely pay attention to a light, more is to be used as the overall decoration or architectural style Home Furnishing accessories to look at. The frequency of purchase, consumers China is different from the Americans, with a few years away for a new; also unlike most Europeans, old would rather take it factory renovation, rather than buy a new lamp. Domestic consumers of lighting low attention, low replacement rate, upstream of the brand and the consumer partition and many other reasons, that "no public lighting brand" this statement. In fact, many companies for a category such as European style lamp, lamp, lamp, the new Chinese American Chinese, modern lamps, postmodernism to create the industry's single product champion, and even a single product champions in a small part in the completion of a single product breakthrough, gradually expand production by itself or OEM extension products from a single product line, brand evolution for the lighting industry brand stores, such as Huayi, Qilang, Bao Hui, Jin Da, Kaiyuan, comely etc.. However, the lighting product itself determines the enterprise is difficult to achieve from a single product to industry champion brands across the Volkswagen brand is talking. From a single product "champion" to "brand" across in terms of products, lighting products are low attention, often consumers in understanding the lamp has completed the purchase process, the next purchase may be several years or even decades after. In addition, the lighting is more like non stereotyped products, unlike many lighting products that can shape the scale of production, the lighting is very difficult to spread and the formation of brand. In terms of costs, brand stores huge R & D, design, marketing, logistics, behind the image display terminal and other expenses, not the general small and medium-sized enterprises can bear, in a second tier market brand stores as an example, only a lighting store would cost nearly 100 million or even millions, it is enough to make from many companies and dealers. In the market, Chinese market is large and complex, obvious geographical characteristics, consumption habits vary. With the diversification, personalized consumption, lighting category also gradually, such as Chinese style lamp, the new Chinese, American, American, post modern, small new European style, the lighting market has also been cut into numerous fine pieces, implementation cost and integrated strength requirements are very high. Although the town has lighting brand more than 28000, but in the end the brand lighting lighting market and consumers can be exposed to less than 2000, while the brand store display system is less than 200, it is not difficult to see the original shape and difficult lighting brand construction difficult. In the market economy without the interference of external factors, many drawbacks of lighting field has been veiled, and maintain the ecological environment of the mild, but the competition format became bad when problems erupted. Channel campaigns, lighting enterprises "to the brand" at present, at the consumer level, 80, 90 after the consumer group is rising, they recognized brands, more willing to spend money, prefer online shopping. The past lack of information, in the eyes of consumers' recommendation which brand, it is the brand ", now the transparency of information, business discourse right down, the brand is not only the promotion of information, more products and services that the identity, which depends on the joint efforts of manufacturers. At the dealer level, the new business environment, a lot of past boxing "grandfather" lost "special skills", overnight on the market from a sense of strangeness and insecurity. The lighting dealers, even years of operation of the "old lights", also feel more and more cannot read lanterns, started to get more tired, but this time if you can rely on the brand, standing in the market to do more high judgment, firm risks, it is a happy thing. At the factory level, after years of precipitation, the basic pattern for industry brand. In the lighting field, crystal lamps are Huayi, Qilang, win the ball and Bao Hui, Jin Da, Gena Oswald and Otis, European style lights, Kimberly and Kathleen Knox Shengjia, mingtu, new Chinese style lamp Ming Chung, HIGHLEAD, root of Chinese style lamp residence, inscription Wood Lane, modern lamp Terri, song Wei, new product source, summer etc.. These brands have channels, strong brand awareness and services, and the new format changes, to expand the product line, channel depth of "mopping up" in strengthening its own brand and other brands to achieve "brand", in which lighting brand giants to enter the field of the most lethal lantern.

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