How to configure a fluorescent lamp? (e.g. living room, bedroom, study, kitchen, bathroom, walkway)
Source: Date:2017-03-28

10 years ago promulgated the "civil building lighting design standards" GBJ133-90 has been low, and now the decoration of residential lighting should be improved to achieve a satisfactory level of satisfaction.

(1) the living room: the current standard: (GBJ133-90) general activity is divided into 20-30-50LX third, improve the 100-150-200LX third lamp suggested that the average is appropriate for the 75LX.

(2) the current standard for bedroom: 20-30-50LX third, proposed to increase the 50-100-150LX range, the average illuminance is 75LX. Bedside lamp for reading with 300LX is appropriate.

(3) kitchen, bathroom: the current standard is 20-30-50LX, the proposed increase of 75-100-150LX is appropriate.

(4) courtyard lighting: there is no clear provision for the night to identify the color of flowers and plants, it is recommended that the average illuminance 20-50LX is appropriate, scenic spots and other flowers and trees to increase the effect of lighting

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