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India's prime minister's election was announced in May 16, 2014. The newly elected prime minister, Narendra Modi, promised to invest in electricity and railways to raise India's economy and plan to allow every household to use indoor lighting in five years. This will open up business opportunities for LED and solar energy. Modi, In addition, Modi promised that at least one bulb could be installed in every household by 2019.

According to the world bank survey, as the second largest country in the world, India has an amazing demand for energy, and this demand will double in 2020. At present, about 300 million of the population is unable to enjoy the benefits from the grid, and 27% of the electricity consumption is wasted due to technical failure. In 2012, 700 million people lived in an environment without electricity supply for two days, and it was also common in India. Plus, the electricity price in India is not cheap. Low income families simply can't afford to pay high fees and choose cheap and dangerous alternatives such as diesel generators.

Although modi has not made it clear that LED lighting is part of his plan, it is obvious that the India government has realized that LED is more energy efficient and electricity saving than traditional lighting. In addition, Modi intends to expand the solar energy industry and promises to build India into a vibrant and solid state lighting market in the next few years. (Chinese LED net /jasmine compilation)


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