LED is the preferred residential landscape lighting design must consider what factors?
Source: Date:2018-05-13

Landscape lighting design of residential landscape can add style facade, can safely illuminate the dark aisle or the front garden trees. Whether you want to illuminate the road or garden, or light for entertainment in the backyard space over the weekend, this paper will briefly introduce some techniques that make the external lighting design of residential more beautiful and more effective.

1. imagine how to use outdoor space

Set goals for landscape or external lighting design, will let you have creative thinking; also make sure you can cover all elements. Residents love to entertain guests? Do they have any children? How about the local climate? How to add outdoor lighting home style? How to improve the safety of lighting?

In determining the target of landscape lighting, consider the following elements of the yard:

- channel and entrance

- lane

- step

The balcony

The tree

- Waterscape

The unique architectural elements

2. consider LED lighting

LED can be designed to withstand vibration and weather, ideal for landscape lighting. When the wind blows or ground was snow covered, LED obvious advantages.

Long life is another advantage of LED lighting. LED can be used continuously for about 50000 hours, of course it according to actual usage. This is equivalent to six years of continuous use. LED is also very effective, which means lower operating and maintenance costs. With the passage of time, compared with the halogen lamp, it can save a lot of cost.

If you want to do some special things in landscape lighting, then LED is the best choice. LED is very flexible and can darken or brighten, allow you to create complex lighting effects and extra delicate sense.

3. select the correct lighting design

There are many different types of landscape lighting. Some light can be accurately highlight a key, while others can produce soft and low intensity light in gardens. Understanding these different types of lamps will affect the final result. The following will introduce several types of lamps and light the way of outdoor space:

The garden lights (garden fixture) to produce downward light for the growing pool or road marking.

The lawn lamp (wash fixture) to produce soft and light scattering, can be used as a garden fence and wall lighting.

- Spotlight (bullet fixture) multifunctional and compact. They can be a narrow beam, accurately illuminate the architectural features, unique garden statues and other key.

- (well light fixture) buried lights below can be used to illuminate the leaves of plants, or on the wall or in the corner.

- floodlight (floodlight fixture) to be from all sides uniform irradiation can be used to illuminate the tall trees or spacious houses.

Imagine 4. external night lighting design

In the daytime positioning landscape lighting, can not see the trees, shrubs and other elements of the courtyard projection panorama, is also likely to put in the wrong light lamps, the home or around the doors and windows.

5. pay attention to light pollution

Light pollution will destroy the landscape lighting engineering effect; these sources include:

The direct exposure to the eyes of the light;

The go directly into the neighborhood or window light;

- super light, glare

Consider using the hood or glare protection. Carefully placed can also help avoid outdoor light pollution.

6. the use of lighting control and timer

The last thing most of the owners want to do is spend valuable time to remember landscape lighting at night, the lighting in the morning. The landscape lighting dimming can be set from time to time or make the House 24 hours a day looks very beautiful, but also the least expensive.

With appropriate control from the lamp, the careful planning and attention to detail can create a good residential landscape design, while maintaining the functionality, and maintain security. (compiled: LED James)

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