Taiwan LED manufacturers December performance list, and the
Source: Date:2018-05-13

As of today (12), the Department of Taiwan LED manufacturers in December "report card" almost full debut. The crystal December revenue for lighting customers covering shipments also rose LED Blu ray drive. Lunda, light, light, the East Bay Hong billion in December last year revenue minus 17.89% and 27.8% years respectively, 15.72% and 26.1%, mainly due to the company operating in the business period of adjustment. Guang Lei, Ding Yuan relatively stable performance, mainly due to sensor support. In addition, outdoor landscape lighting manufacturers, the Grand Canyon -KY benefit of city lighting engineering and OEM orders, annual growth in revenue in December 145.9%.

EPISTAR last December revenues of 2 billion 52 million yuan (NT, the same below), although the annual reduction of 0.68%, but the monthly increase of 13%, mainly driven by lighting customers covering stocks of blue LED shipments, four yuan LED for supporting stable plant lighting. But in the fourth quarter revenue quarter by 13.24%, still reflects the off-season effect. The annual revenue of 25 billion 370 million yuan, the annual reduction of 0.66%. This is the new flagship Mini LED and VCSEL, higher order is expected to display such as TV, mobile phone, smart application of the fastest in the second half of this year will be mass production, gaming and commercial NB/Monitor will import Mini LED.

In addition, EPISTAR VCSEL has been supplied to the data center (data transmission), is expected in 2020 there will be substantial growth, because the 5G specifications, will accelerate the transmission speed of demand. Sensing applications VCSEL still build capacity, at the same time to contact with customers, are likely to expand cooperation in the third quarter of this year.

Billion light revenue of 27 billion 338 million yuan last year, the annual reduction of 6.61% is nearly 4 year low. By the impact of the rise of Chinese competitors, in recent years the company's strategy focuses on stable market position and product mix optimization, but the car, there is no short-term lighting situation liki explosive growth, expected this year may still limited sales momentum.

Lextar December revenue hit a nearly 58 month low, the fourth quarter revenues of 2 billion 698 million yuan for the past 5 years, single season low light, win December revenue of nearly 22 month low, the fourth quarter revenue is nearly 6 year low. The main reason is the two companies in the adjustment of product mix, centralized resources to expand high order and niche applications. If the profitability, Lunda last year before the three quarter gross margin has rebounded to 15% level, light hung before the last three quarter gross margin of 27% more stations, business and tax are improved over the previous year.

The East Bay in the fourth quarter of last year revenue is slightly better than last season, but the annual revenue of about 5 billion 713 million yuan, the annual reduction of 29.27%, the lowest in 8 years. Is the last two years the company restructuring, reduce the proportion of the original lighting products, steering lamps, niche / special lighting, and attempts to develop industrial sensing module and other new products this year, can benefit the transformation remains to be seen.

Guang Lei in December last year revenue of about 403 million yuan, the annual increase of 18.43%. The main line of sensor shipments continued to grow, but the light emitting element is still in the adjustment of product mix. In the fourth quarter of the overall performance of the lighter, the annual revenue of 5 billion 590 million yuan, the annual increase of 1.85%. Expected this year is still the main kinetic energy in the sensing element, the company's new production will be completed in the first half of the year. The light emitting element LED and display the short term momentum compared to the plain. In addition, VCSEL has completed a small power product development and sample certification.

Outdoor landscape lighting manufacturers -KY last year benefited from the Grand Canyon, city lighting engineering standard, and OEM order volume, although the December revenue month minus 16.8%, but the annual increase of 145.9%, annual revenue reached 1 billion 422 million yuan, the annual increase of 65.17%. The fourth quarter revenue reached 466 million yuan, the annual increase of 141.5%, a record high. To estimate the annual profit to have the opportunity to challenge a new high of 6 years. The company is still optimistic about 2018, 13th Five-Year in city lighting engineering lighting needs of outdoor landscape, and OEM business development.

Ding Yuan last December revenue of about 274 million yuan, the annual increase of 14.56% in the fourth quarter revenue of about 806 million yuan compared with the previous quarter and the year before had a small increase. The main line of fire after the production line has been fully resumed, part of the deferred orders being shipped. The annual revenue of about 3 billion 125 million yuan, the annual increase of 0.05% year-on-year growth, recovery. The main motion sensing element is expected in 2018, new capacity will be opened in the third quarter of last year, the sensing element of revenue about 4 this year, estimated to improve. To invest in solar module factory top crystal, in the introduction of new team, offensive system / solar power plant, is expected this year will also improve profit and loss.

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