LED lights are also embedded in the pavement when zebra? The new direction of secret wisdom City
Source: Date:2018-05-13

A new LED traffic light system embedded in the pavement has been put into trial in London, can detect pedestrians and other vehicles, and according to the real-time traffic signal lights and the change of road pipeline risk, to remind the driver may occur. Especially a pedestrian or bicycle in sight blind driver, the road will show red warning.

This new pavement embedded LED lamp developed by the British company Umbrellium and auto insurer Direct Line. In addition to the embedded LED pavement, this system also includes a high-definition camera, to capture the pedestrian and vehicle information, auxiliary system to make real-time feedback.

The zebra crossing and road safety has been the public transportation system is an important and complex part, but from the 1940s zebra design prototype to traffic is highly developed today, people crossing the street and not too big change. While the increase of traffic accident to improve the zebra and pedestrian traffic system has become necessary to consider the future of smart city design.

LED lights turned charging station, can also provide Wi-Fi service

The street is LED in another application of the wisdom of the city traffic system. According to the survey data of PHILPS company, more than 300 million streetlights worldwide, of which less than 10% by LED lighting, and centralized control and monitoring of the street lamp switch is less than 1%.

In the future smart city, LED Street will not only because more energy more efficient and become the mainstream, LED streetlight will change, with a. American Tower and Philips Lighting Company to jointly develop a kind of intelligent street lamp, not only energy-saving LED lighting, but also can be used as carriers to provide wireless network coverage of the facilities, and can play into the city landscape, landscape lighting function.

In the United States of Santiago, intelligent street with sensing function from more than 40 pilot increased to 3600, the detection range of up to 160 square miles, equivalent to half of the whole city. This street from GE's Current design, and in cooperation with Intel, AT&T, ShotSpotter and other manufacturers to provide more diversified applications, including the monitoring of air pollution, the traffic situation around and parking information, at the time of the shooting can also track the source.

In the UK, the government and the clean energy manufacturers OVO and German technology company Ubitricity cooperation, the transformation of the small part of the street, to provide charging services for electric vehicles, the British in 2040 ban on the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles, electric vehicles and the full implementation of clean energy policy.

In China, along with the development of NBIoT, wisdom also speed up the popularization of street lamp. The future of intelligent control of city lighting will become mainstream. HUAWEI, Shanghai and other manufacturers to provide wisdom before street solutions, set sensor, safety monitoring, information dissemination, network, charging, emergency call function.

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