Pick up the performance of LED Long Yuan Q3 cautious optimism
Source: Date:2018-03-28

Long yuan yesterday (16) held on the "overall revenue forecast in the third quarter, compared with the second quarter will steadily upward, while gross margin level will be the second season of the year, compared to last year optimistic. Long yuan second quarter for LED pick downturn, but the monthly sales of foundry IC test temperature, injection equipment acceptance in the history of high-grade, makes the second quarter gross margin to 27.97%, nearly 5 season highs. Long Yuan general manager Chen Guibiao said, IC Flash the main growth promoting test foundry benefit, the new volume of RF and MEMS also increase the contribution of the second half of the semiconductor is still quite optimistic, in addition to LED after the first half of the down price after the second half of the price, only steady demand for heating, and equipment from July to August although deferred acceptance, is expected to is the main push Gaudi 4 quarter growth, the annual contribution will challenge the record. LED pick customers new crystal electric outside the Japanese and Korean manufacturers, all contribute to the company gross margin optimization results, is expected in July will be the performance of the bottom, the next 1-2 months, the visibility is good. Because the long yuan IC test, LED OEM pick OEM, up to 95% of the rate of self-made equipment, LCDIC test equipment only 5% non self, so the company driver IC testing at LCD foundry layout, but also for related equipment layout, Chen Guibiao optimistic about the future growth of the additional part of the explosive force, has recently entered the North China Chinese Southern China, new customers, the fourth quarter of this year will be gradually fermentation.

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