LED chip prices as a result of what kind of impact on the industry?
Source: Date:2018-03-28

In mid May, EPISTAR announced that some 15% chip prices, then three safety optoelectronics, HC semitek also gradually increase the price of LED. For a time, LED chip prices rose, LED industry will pick up, bottoming out and a statement sensation, the price of the chip industry means what? What is the impact? The reason price? Review what happened, the first is the only official distributor in mainland China EPISTAR gold crystal photoelectric (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. morning release price contact letter, announced plans to gradually increase in the sale of part of the series of chip prices, reason letter is given in the recent various raw materials and labor costs, the company currently has more than cost price in order to maintain profitability, so only. Then executives exposed Sanan Optoelectronics in South Korea's news reports said that since the beginning of May, part of the LED chip prices have risen 10%, "explained" Sanan market price is affected by the law of supply and demand." Although they are given their prices, but for the price of the industry still has a different sound, Xiamen dry according to lighting company director Wu Conglin said that the increase is due to crystal power, three occupied most of the market share through the early price war, have a right to speak, in order to improve the enterprise profit choice now the price, belong to the strategic adjustment. Xiamen ou vanlay electronic technology limited company sales director bell bloom agrees, he said: "the industry profits increasingly thin profits, LED chip has reached to maintain the normal operation of the enterprise level, three, crystal electric market share ratio is stable, as the upstream enterprises do have price right to speak." From this point of view, other manufacturers did not follow the trend of prices, mainly because there is no market share and the right to speak of the leading enterprises, blindly follow the trend of prices will only the loss of customers. LED industry to pick up? Price news, the industry voice advocating LED industry will rebound, rebound imminent. Indeed, according to the relevant data show that about half of the LED lighting listed companies announced the first half performance forecast, profit year-on-year growth, at least 5 companies doubled performance. But over the same period, came a Zhongzhou photoelectric lighting, and many other well-known enterprises close down. Xiamen Qi wells technology general manager Zheng Xinhan does not believe that this year the situation will be better than usual, he said: "before a trip to Zhongshan, where do light companies closed a large, I think the stock market this year than last year a little bit worse." According to Hong photoelectric Limited company manager of R & D department Luo Huaguang agree with this statement, he said: "the whole industry this year is not the economy, the price of LED lights is very low, I think now do LED really was as high income energy-saving lamps." The main market in Europe koyin electronic technology limited company is also entering a period of slow development has encountered a bottleneck, high Xian electronic general manager Ma Shiqiang said: "this year than in previous years is not so good, affected by exchange rate and a weak European market, customers have asked us the goods to slow down, waiting for the market to become good." Happens, Zhong Shuihua considered close to the end of LED lighting shuffle polarization appears, "now is the industry larger and smaller small, because of the maker, by purchasing the amount of offlaid the chip price gap, but small businesses have the strength to accept price increases caused by the production cost of the gap." He said. At the same time, he also said "may be more cold this year". Market prices gradually dip towards rational, that is to say, the price war is nearing completion? Luo Huaguang believes that the price of the chip can not engage in a price war, "now the price of LED lights and SMD capacitors almost, you say what." He said. Deputy manager of colorful Electronic Technology Co Ltd Zheng Jianfei think now with the LED lamp in the electronic components market price transparency, the price has to return to reason, the price war is not to have the significance. He said: now the price has reached the lows of LED lights, including the use of the chip prices are very transparent, cost price, the overall quality is that competition is nothing more than to save management costs. Now the price war is very few, unless the enterprise wants to occupy the market share, regardless of the cost, through the capital to promote." Zheng Xinhan believes that there are some small workshops of the price war will continue for a period of time, he said: "Zhongshan's small workshop production of LED lamps are of poor quality, can only rely on the price of disrupted market, unless they all fail, or the future price war will continue for a period of time." GMy Lighting Co., Ltd. solid engineering manager Wang Meilin also agree with this view, he now believed that the good quality LED lamp enterprises do not need to rely on price war, do not win the market through price war. Sanxiong Aurora deputy general manager Wang Qiang believes that in recent years a major reshuffle will be completed, he said: "this year to put a little poor strength of the enterprises eliminated, now the LED lighting industry so much, but now the labor costs are high, the strength of the automation went to did not have the strength can only exit." Price is good or not? LED chip prices, means that the rising cost of production, the cost increase is bound to cause pressure on the whole lamp, but the overall performance was not pessimistic, Zheng Jianfei believe that the price is good, the overall cost increases, the whole lamp can also sell more natural. Zheng Xinhan forecast prices will continue to maintain the upward trend, he said: "the chip prices will definitely continue, this is a good thing for enterprises, the future products will have all the features, research and development of the whole industry will push." Wang Qiang also endorsed the price is good news for the industry, he said: "now what the industry is on the rise, all basic necessities of life to rise, the whole electronic industry, to increase the price is certainly a good thing, the entire LED industry needs to change slowly." But Zhong Shuihua do not think it is a good news, he said: "the terminal products factory price has been suppressed, as the upstream chip factory prices, in fact there is no way to follow the product factory price, the purchase cost of the chip is high, but the whole lamp cannot profit to rise, not because of your chips the price was sold more than 20 Fen, the final compression or terminal products factory profits of products factory is not necessarily what a good thing." General, EPISTAR, Sanan optoelectronics, HC semitek itself is out of the strength and market share of the adjustment to the chip price, also can be seen in the LED industry price war began to close, the price is rational, the industry reshuffle will be completed in the past two years, at the same time because of pent up the price war of the industry, the industry hopes the voice of prices higher, but the overall situation is still not relaxed 2016.

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