See LED fell out of favour from Hangzhou G20 Summit
Source: Date:2018-03-28

Hangzhou G20 summit has ended, but the meeting performance still have great originality in the minds of people leaving beautiful "smear". The show includes symphony, ballet, opera, guqin and cello ensemble, Chinese and Western, magnificent, is one of the most dazzling performance one of the most memory is "welcome to Hangzhou", perfect reproduction of the air three-dimensional illusion, the phantom with the performers perfect interaction performance, just a few minutes shocked the world. However, in the event that The brightness dazzles the eyes. but almost no past, playfully LED figure, only the CCTV broadcast is the only LED point light source. Holographic projection technology has always been silent instead, let and important meetings and activities are closely related to the LED display industry had to feel lost, lost I had to recognize a fact that LED is not equal to anything. At least it has now been furiously provocative projection technology! The projection technology to seize the Rio Olympic style, and now to seize the G20 summit of glory, it is at every step, without mercy. LEDLED Obviously LED is the display industry leader! Yes, large LED who led the Beijing Olympic Games, the London Olympics thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers broke into various, but not always the boss in the market, only always wants to be the first "brothers". The "favor" is not without reason, holographic projection technology breaks through the limitation of sound, light and electricity, can be the perfect combination of reality and fantasy, with three-dimensional form of naked eye 3D and light to the world: I am the king of "the World (I'm king of the world)! At the same time to the LED display industry said: I told the event said to rain equitably, but your product has not let people find everything fresh and new, is not amazing, I just won event "grace". In the face of such a clamor, LED display industry how to get back once the country, how to explore their own advantage and potential? First of all, from the VR/AR industry chain, LED display has been with high resolution, seamless display, natural, flexible shape and equipped with touch display the incomparable advantages in theory, can bring excellent visual enjoyment. Secondly, as the terminal display products, and VR technology can be fully combined with the interactive experience, media, advertising, education, theater etc.. However, the reliability of small spacing still needs to be improved, the VR device has very stringent requirements for quality, to do like residues also need small spacing and put more effort. Finally, in the field of price, small spacing also need to create a higher price, to take market share, so as to maintain the lead in the display industry. Review in recent years, in the AR/VR, the new display means to 3D projection technology, technology as the representative in the industry, investment institutions have invested a great deal of attention, widely used in game engine, civilian entertainment, industrial design and other fields have military training. LED display industry in technology to explore VR/AR for not doing enough, although some LED companies have realized that the layout in VR/AR, with LIAN opto as an example, on the evening of May 20, 2016 issued asset acquisition plan, will be added to the holographic interactive multimedia digital display service and mobile business development operations, to achieve diversification, but no successful cases, LED display industry in the road on the road of innovation and development and long.

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