LED lighting market in the future how much business?
Source: Date:2018-03-28

LED era, it is imperative to reform the street. "The new rural system is the use of solar street lamps manufacturers of solar modules, daytime solar radiation and converted into electrical energy through the solar controller is stored in the accumulator. When night illumination gradually reduced to the set value, the solar controller to detect the value of battery discharge action, LED lamp. After N hours of battery discharge, battery discharge end of the solar controller action. In the global economy is still in the doldrums, the rapid growth of China's economy is quite brisk. As an emerging market potential, has attracted many international leading manufacturers began to attack, and as a production base. The replacement of all plans, with inefficient light bulbs and efficient energy-saving lamps is expected to become the market talent shows itself LED street lighting system, the largest. China LED street lighting enterprise would see the potential of future lighting market, and every year in the surge in export scale occupy the market. Learn from professional data in China for 2011-2015 years, the growth of China's total exports of LED lighting has been in a state of rapid growth. In 2015 China's LED street lighting products exports amounted to $200 million, compared with 2014 growth of 42.1% over the same period. And the data show that in 2015 1-12 to 75.4% months, China imports accounted for in the first row. In addition to the protection of the existing policy, the relevant government is to support local businesses, government procurement will provide 5 number for the LED lighting products manufacturers, the future domestic market share of manufacturers will be improved. To a certain extent will reduce the dependence on other countries LED lighting products. But for the third countries LED lighting market in the early stage of growth, the domestic supply chain is not complete, such as the LED chip and the LED package is totally dependent on imports of industrial chain in the middle reaches of the lack of the situation difficult to change in a short period of time, therefore, for our country LED to top lighting lighting manufacturers are still very promising.

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