Micro LED commercial or consumption of existing global production capacity of 50% LED!
Source: Date:2018-03-28

Micro LED is regarded as a new generation of display technology perfect application, international companies though vocal on the table is not much, actually had the ducks swimming technical layout. According to the latest research report pointed out that the "wearable device" and "indoor display" is expected to be the fastest application into Micro LED. If the wearable device and indoor display all replaced Micro LED display, the required capacity of the existing global production capacity of 50% LED. Zhang Jiahong said, in the past the new development of the display technology is the first small size to start training, overcome the manufacturing yield and cost, to large size mobile. However, the starting point of Micro LED chose the two extremes, one side is the minimum size of the watch bracelet, while it is the size of large public display. Zhang Jiahong pointed out that since the Micro LED technology will be "pixels" and "light" with Micro LED, so in line with the development of specifications, quantity, size and display pixels are closely linked. In a small size, less the pixel itself has the advantage, and the size of the wearable device than the two inch wafer is small, MicroLED can also transfer by wafer bonding (Waferbonding) process will be further simplified, reducing the threshold. In the Micro LED into the large size part of application, its advantage is PPI (pixel density) is low, Micro LED can not be too small, the disadvantage is too much, need to wait for a more mature technology transfer. Zhang Jiahong said that if the screen stitching mode, can directly solve the production problems of large size, taking into account the production conditions reduce the number of LED and enlarge the size, so in theory than the wearable device earlier into the practical stage. At this stage, Taiwan Chinese dedicated Micro LED developed a crystal power, neptunium (PlayNitride), a Taiwan Research Institute (ITRI), AUO and Innolux, a complete supply chain is the best development advantages of Taiwan factory; Samsung, LG, SHARP, Nichia, SONY and other international manufacturers did not miss. While Apple's acquisition of LuxVue from the University of Illinois and the spin off of the X-celeprint transfer in Micro LED (Transfer) process technology ahead of other manufacturers.

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