The brand giant launched a sweeping channel, and the lighting enterprise was reduced to a OEM factory
Source: Date:2018-08-07

In China, the development of the lighting industry is only more than thirty years, but it has undergone tremendous changes. In the era of branding, the competition pattern is polarised. The lighting brand giants rely on powerful channels and brand resources to penetrate the brand of lighting. In this context, lighting enterprises are surprised by the phenomenon of "branding", lighting enterprises from the imitation plagiarism in the early workshop to the independent brand with rich production lines, and then to the single category of OEM manufacturers. From the "industry brand" to "the mass brand" gap in China, the lighting industry is only more than thirty years, but it has undergone tremendous changes. For many old lantern people, the lighting is an imported product. In fact, the first batch of lighting people started from the foreign trade agent, and gradually from the early lighting enterprises in Hong Kong and Taiwan, to the lighting enterprises in Wenzhou, and to the changes in Zhongshan and Dongguan. With the integration of Chinese and Western culture and the rise of huge domestic markets, major manufacturers have turned to domestic sales of their own brands. However, different from the Europeans' appreciation of the aesthetic taste of the art of lighting itself, Chinese ordinary consumers rarely pay attention to a lamp alone, more of which are regarded as accessories in the overall home decoration or architectural style. In the frequency of purchase, Chinese consumers are different from the Americans, throwing away a new one in a few years, and different from most Europeans, which would rather be refurbished by the manufacturers than to buy a new lamp. Domestic consumers' low attention to lighting, low replacement rate, upstream brand and consumer separation, and other reasons, so that the "lighting field without the public brand" this statement. As a matter of fact, many enterprises have made a single product title for one category, such as European lamps, Chinese lamps, American lamps, new Chinese, modern lights, post-modern and so on, and even a small part of the single product champion has gradually expanded its own production line or OEM extension line after completing the single product breakthrough. The product brand has evolved into a brand store in the lighting industry, such as Huayi, gilong, Bao Hui, JINDA, Kaiyuan and new tri. However, the property of the lighting products determines that it is difficult for the enterprise to realize the leap from the single product champion to the industry brand, and the popular brand is more extravagant. From the "single champion" to "industry brand" across the product, lamps and lanterns belong to low concern products, often consumers have completed the purchase process in the understanding of the lamps and lanterns, the next purchase may be a few years or even decades later. In addition, the lighting is more like an amorphous product, unlike many lighting type products that can be produced in scale, making it difficult to popularize the lighting to form a brand. In terms of cost, the cost of great R & D, design, logistics, promotion, and display of terminal image behind the brand store is not acceptable to the ordinary small and medium enterprises. As an example, the cost of a monopoly store is nearly 100 million or millions, which is enough to make a lot of enterprises. Industry and dealers are prohibitive. In the market aspect, the Chinese market is huge and complex, the regional characteristics are obvious, and the consumption habits are different. With the diversification and individuation of consumption, the lamps and lanterns are gradually enriched, such as Chinese lamps, new Chinese, American, small American, post-modern, new European, and so on. The whole lighting market is also cut into numerous fine pieces, so that the cost and strength of integration are very high. Although there are more than 28000 lighting related brands in the ancient town, there are less than 2000 lighting brands in the terminal lamps and lanterns, while less than 200 are displayed in the brand store system. It is not difficult to see the original form and difficulty of the lighting brand construction. In the market boom and no external interference, many defects in the lighting field are covered, and the mild ecological environment is maintained, but when the competition becomes worse, all kinds of problems erupt. At the consumer level, the consumer groups of the post-80s and the post-90s are rising, and they are more recognised by the brand, more willing to spend money, and more favoured online shopping. In the past, under the information block, in the eyes of the consumers, "which brand is recommended by the merchant, it is the brand". Today, under the transparency of information, the business discourse power falls, the brand not only lies in the promotion of information, but also in the identification of products and services, which depends on the joint efforts of the manufacturers. At the dealer level, in the new business environment, many of the past punching "teacher Fu" lost "the ability to see the home" and had a feeling of unfamiliarity and unease about the market overnight. For the lighting dealers, even for many years of "old lantern", also feel more and more invisible to understand the lantern, start to do more tired, and at this time, if it can rely on the brand, stand in the higher point of the market to do judgment, the manufacturer share the risk, it is a happy thing. At the factory level, after many years of development and precipitation, the brand pattern of the industry is basically laid. In the lighting field, the crystal lamps have Huayi, Cheli, victory ball, Bao Hui, JINDA, osoa, Otis and so on, the European lamp's NOK, San Jia Bailey, Kathleen and so on, the new Chinese lamp's Ming map, the Ming crowd and so on, the Chinese Lantern HaoLing, the root living place, the Ming Mu Fang and so on, the modern lamp's new special, the pine Wei, the product source, the Xia League and so on. These brands have strong channel foundation, brand awareness and service, and in the new format change, expand the product line, realize the deep "mopping" channel, in strengthening its own brand, while realizing the "go branding" of other brands, among which the lighting brand giants marching into the lantern field is the most lethal.

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