The oversupply of LED industry in South Korea has decided to shrink in succession
Source: Date:2018-08-07

The oversupply of the LED industry has made the big factories in South Korea decide to shrink in succession. Korean media ETNews 23 reports, Iljin Group (Iljin Group) is currently clearing its LED chip and packaging business, in December 18th to the Seoul central local court (Seoul Central District Court) to apply for the reorganization proceedings, the fate of the judge to the judge. The parent company of the group is ILJIN Materials Co. (Ltd.), the battery plant, which has been rumored to show that the group's decision to restructure is to avoid affecting the financial situation of the parent company. Since the founding of the LED cause, it has never lost profit in any year. In addition, SKC also intends to incorporate LED lighting SKC Lighting, which is expected to complete all procedures in March (2016). SKC Lighting was founded in September 2011, when SKC thought the market for LED lighting should be sustainable, but it did not expect that the LED business had been operating without the start of its operation. In addition, Samsung Electronics Co. was also downgraded to the operating group in September, while LG Innotec originally wanted to be the LED overlord, and now quietly sold the sapphire wafer (Sapphire Wafer) to the Sumitomo chemical (Sumitomo Chem) joint venture with the three star.

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