LED lighting will come from hardware to software in the future
Source: Date:2018-08-07

2015 is the most popular year in the FSL industry. There have been unprecedented events in the industry. Both small and medium enterprises and large enterprises have experienced earthquakes like fluctuations. For example, FSL and National Star optoelectronic were bought by state-owned assets, and 11 directors and supervisors submitted the resignation report. Shunde enterprises have always been famous for the "dare to be the first" industry, in 2015, the lighting enterprises in Shunde also sent news, the beauty of lighting release "liquidation bulletin" moved to Jiangxi, hoping to regenerate a "beautiful", but this desire has not been realized. The other two famous lighting enterprises in Shunde, which have been operated for nearly 30 years, have received bad news. Related industry data show that about 4000 LED enterprises in 2015 (including upstream chips and downstream lighting applications in the middle reaches) disappear, especially downstream enterprises, by 2018, the number of enterprises may be reduced by half. Professional analysis, the problems of these Foshan Enterprises above are the epitome of the national lighting industry, and the local lighting enterprises in Foshan should attach great importance to the changes that are happening. So how to look at the difficulties that occurred in the national lighting industry in 2015? The author believes that, in addition to other industries, there are special factors in the industry, and the specific analysis is as follows: 1. the listed companies, represented by FSL and Mun Sen, launched a price war in the light of light source products. For example, 18WLED lamp tube is less than ten yuan from hundreds of dollars. Rex and OPPLE launched a price war on lamps and lanterns based on furniture and business lighting, resulting in extreme confusion in the market, a rapid decline in profit space without profit support, and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises and even some listed companies that had to withdraw from the market because of no profit. At the same time, the cost of the whole market from chip, encapsulation to assembling the whole production chain has fallen, and the enterprises with lack of capital and capital support are in trouble. Listed companies use capital to combat competitors and expand market share. Small and medium-sized enterprises are eager to go on the market in a hurry, hoping to solve financial difficulties by financing. The advantages of 2. LED long life make the market space smaller. In the traditional lighting era, the product life span from hundreds of hours to thousands of hours. Because of the short life, the product is replaced quickly, the replacement rate is high, and the demand of the market is large. LED product life is ten times or even dozens times of the traditional lighting, the high life makes the market demand low, some enterprises play five year warranty, some manufacturers even hit the lifetime warranty, so it seems that the market seems very large on the surface, in fact the market capacity is declining. At present, the number of enterprises has exceeded 10000, huge capacity can not be effectively released, the failure is a normal phenomenon. 3. network sales impact the traditional market. With the OPPLE, Rex and other brands increasing the distribution of network marketing, a large number of individual online stores, such as Taobao and Jingdong, are added. Because the cost of the online shop is much lower than the cost of the offline operation, many enterprises that live in the traditional marketing mode are more difficult, the cost of production, the cost of labor, the cost of operation are rising, and the profit of the enterprise is more profitable. Low, the decline in sales of traditional mode makes the enterprise fall into a loss. According to the investigation, even the manufacturer who owns the electric business is not really profitable. Network mode impact the profit of the enterprise, and the main energy saving advantage of LED product is better than the traditional lighting, but the line network and the offline channel war make the LED price of energy saving close to the traditional lighting, some have been cheaper than the traditional lighting, the energy saving LED can not sell the good price, the big division and the distributor are at the edge of the loss. . So, what's the future of the lighting industry in 2016 and the next ten years? In view of future prospects, we have been communicating with many German companies, and our conclusion is that the prospects are not optimistic. In 2015, we worked with a German company to bring the full spectrum (close to the sun light) into the German military shipbuilding industry, which was applied to the German cruise ship and the German cruise ship. In response to the confusion of the future market, I asked the president of the German company, "good brother", who said that Germany has a history of more than 20 years of research on light health and is starting from the military to study how people live in submarines and in a closed environment. The German entrepreneur said the Germans tried many methods, and finally found that only changing lights and simulating human life patterns and emotional patterns could stabilize the emotions of the officers and men. From then on, the light was used as a professional subject in Germany. Germany has now developed the use of light to cure all kinds of diseases, such as blue light treatment for children jaundice, yellow light treatment of melancholia, and so on, and now the German aircraft also use blue light to stabilize the mood of passengers. The German entrepreneur says there are welcome models, entertainment models, dining mode, emergency mode, rest mode, guest mode and so on. The German McDonald's also used red to stimulate the customer's appetite. Germany's top scientists have studied the therapeutic effects of different colors of light on the organs of the human body. At present, we buy the lamps and lanterns to pay attention to the appearance function. In fact, the lighting plays a decisive role in the life and health of the people, and it is the embodiment of the value of the product. To sum up, I think, China's lighting industry is in the node of change, there are four thousand enterprises closed, there must be four thousand service companies, the reasons are as follows: 1. product value change. The influence of the LED energy saving card has fallen, but the influence of the health card is rapidly increasing. Because of the LED technology and people's increasing demand for healthy life, there are seven major products such as radiation, chromaticity, blue light, stroboscopic and glare, which will cause headache, insomnia, arrhythmia, injury to the eyes and other symptoms, which seriously affect the health of the body and the essence of God. Consumers will increase the demand for light health from the original demand for the appearance of lamps and lanterns, thus leading a large number of high value-added and intelligent products to the market. 2. product sales change. From the store mode to the custom mode, or from the drugstore model to the hospital model. The traditional mode is short of service and data quantification, only the price is not valuable, and the custom model can serve the consumers in all directions. The different lighting modes are introduced to different people, the experience feeling and physical and mental health of the consumers are paid attention to, and the added value of the products is promoted. The value of products can be increased by ten times or even dozens of times, from hundreds of billions of industries to trillions of industries. 3. technological changes in products. Because of the outstanding advantages of LED, lighting can be added to the new application functions such as communication, disinfection, breeding, medical, music and health. The performance space of the product appears continuously. The new combination will expand the application range of the product, turn from a single function into an infinite functional combination, and expand the application scope and cross boundary against different markets. Cooperation will be the main character of the market. In fact, the development and change of the lighting industry is the development process of technological change. This field is similar to the development of communication products. It is known that in the past ten or twenty years, we have experienced changes in telephone, BB, analog mobile phones, smart phones, and each period has a strong outgoing and inbound. Therefore, the market for lighting energy cards is still unfinished, and the trillions of markets in the health and cross-border era have come. In 2016 and the next ten years, the industry prospects of the lighting industry will be brighter and brighter because of the technical revolution of LED and OLED products, from the era of lighting hardware to the software times that meet the needs of people.

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