The view of LED industry development industry big guy in 2015
Source: Date:2018-08-07

At present, the environment of LED industry is not good. In the case of cold market, many new products and technologies are still emerging. Look at the industry big guy how to look at the development of the LED industry in 2015? Yuan Zheng, the manager of the optoelectronic Marketing Department of the joint construction company: the LED company, which is in succession in the middle of 2015, declared bankruptcy, and the whole LED industry encountered the attack of "collapse tide". The overall economic situation is a major factor in the frequent occurrence of such events, but more often has an undeniable connection with the company's poor management and undeniable pace. How should the LED display industry company put pressure on the pressure of the collapse of the overall industry? The growth of LED outdoor display (mainly advertising screen) is slowing down, while the LED small space screen market is expanding gradually, occupying more market share in the AV industry and gradually forming a situation with DLP and LCD. For most LED enterprises, it is the owner of this year to ensure the steady growth of the traditional main business and the development of new products. The development strategy of the large and medium sized and small enterprises in LED industry is also changing. The integration of "big" enterprises and the "small and medium" enterprises have their own development direction in the single product or the single market. At present, the economic reasons of the whole country and the exchange rate of RMB have also caused the downturn of the overseas market, which indicates that the 2015 is the LED industry. It's a cold winter. Chau Ming science and technology market director Cai three: A, the market demand is weak, the industry is overcapacity, the industry capacity is overcapacity, the competition of the LED industry is intensifying, the homogenization is serious, the price war is fierce, the industry integration climax rises repeatedly, the cross-border M & A is becoming normal, the small enterprises are phased out and the competitive advantage gradually has the advantages of technology and channel. And the enterprises of scale strength are inclined, and the market pattern of "big man Hengda" is further revealed. Some of the large LED companies are beginning to say goodbye to the old way of selling large screens, and the system integration advantage of the solution provider began to penetrate into the various areas. B and small spacing LED are still the hot cakes in the industry. With the continuous emergence of various new technologies and the continuous introduction of various "grounding gas" products, the application of small spaced LED in all fields of indoor and outdoor has been continuously expanded, and its development trend is gradually close to the innovation of cost control technology and diversification. Abison photoelectric research and development center of the director of the Yan Yan: LED application product industry is a rapid technological progress industry, product update and replacement speed is very fast. In recent years, the LED display industry has been integrating rapidly, and the concentration of the industry is increasing, especially the trend of concentrating on the listed companies. In the LED display industry in 2015, the market size will continue to grow. Zhao Chunlei, deputy general manager of Dongshan precision marketing center: LED display screen manufacturers should learn how to do indoor display, truly regard themselves as the suppliers of indoor display products, try to standardize the operation, play their own strengths and optimize, do not participate in the price war. Lei Yu, deputy general manager of zip photoelectric marketing: many companies have closed this year. In fact, I think this is a very good, mature phenomenon, which shows that the industry is already mature. Any industry will go through the germination period, development period, rapid growth period, mature period and decline period. There will be a cycle in any economy. I think it will be bad in the first half of 2016, but there will be a period of prosperity in the second half of 2016, including the second half of the second half of the year, whether the state leaders continue to visit the outside and do well with the countries, including the international recognition of the economic recovery. Jiang Zhongyong, general manager of the core of the company: it should be said that the pressure of the whole chip is still large this year, the industry is not good, and there is a certain difference between the operation situation and last year. Price decline is still relatively large, in the final analysis, the main reason for this situation or overcapacity. And the market's cold is also closely related to the state of China's economy, only to say it is more serious in the LED industry. And in the domestic market, the lack of a sound mechanism for the protection of products, leading to the emergence of a new product, in a few days others will do it, resulting in product homogenization, the lack of competitive advantages, plus investment surplus, and finally we all use the way of price war to solve, everyone can not make money. Therefore, the key to the development of the industry is to continuously optimize the production capacity, give full play to its own advantages, improve the quality of product and other congenital conditions, so as to walk longer and further in the industry. Shi Songgang, director of hucan's optoelectronic marketing: the global industry is in the period of rapid integration, the competition pattern is changing rapidly. The LED industry has been in rapid change, and new products and new technologies are constantly emerging, which will become the normal in the future. This is a challenge and an opportunity for LED enterprises. The company needs to open the situation from two layers of specific business operation and capital cooperation. Strive to seize the opportunity in this critical period of industry integration, and further strengthen the company's industry leading position and competitiveness. Wang Junbo, vice general manager of crystal treasure morning: the competition is strengthening and closing in speed, and 2015 and 2016 should be more hard two years. The packaging industry is facing a competitive situation. From the field of application, the big trend is beginning to appear, and the profit rate is beginning to decline. The entry threshold is increasing. It has basically said goodbye to the time that you have a few equipment that you can produce, and more consideration of your technical ability, financial ability and ability. Scale ability. The display, lighting and chip industries are fast closing, but there is still a lot of space for enterprises to live in this fast closing process. I think the industry has been playing too much "poison" before it is now getting fat and in a state of fat, and the current market is changing from this fat to a diet. And in order to survive in the industry better, we should constantly strengthen their physical exercise, with characteristics and strength as the basis for development. Zhang Yong, chief engineer of photoelectricity: last year, a new round of expansion of LED chip factories in China, which will be released in succession this year, is a very competitive year of LED industry in 2015. But the demand for the LED application market continues to grow, and the emerging market will continue to be developed. As long as there are markets and demand, it will be good for a long time. Of course, the intensification of competition will lead to the washing of the industry, the survival of the fittest, through competition, it will also force the enterprises to continue to transform and upgrade, continue to innovate, and continue to improve, and ultimately the advantages of the enterprises will survive. Ouyang Xiaobo, general manager of National Star photoelectric RGB device Division: compared with the previous two years, the development trend of the LED industry in 2015 is not as good as expected, but the growth of LED industry is still relatively high in the relative low period of global economy, based on the factors such as price population and light source replacement. The demand for LED packaging products continues to remain strong, the backlighting market and the lighting market competition is fierce, especially the lighting market, which is the peak of competition and shuffling. If several key words are used to sum up, the decline in price, the fierce competition, the formation of standardized products, and the slow performance promotion will be the key words of the LED industry this year. 2015 can be said to be the LED industry shuffle period, also can be said to be the opportunity period. Many LED enterprises are facing bankruptcy due to the difficulty of capital turnover, the sharp decrease of the quantity of orders, the failure of the production capacity to meet the market demand and the lack of technical R & D capability. However, some enterprises also seize the opportunity, through the vigorous development of technological research and development, the rational adjustment of the industrial layout, the active development of business, the better in the LED industry. Facing the increasingly fierce competition in LED industry, as a leading enterprise, Guo Xing optoelectronic maintains the original LED whole industry chain advantage, actively invest in LED new technology and new application research and development, and strive to achieve an important position in the LED industry pattern in the future. Dr. Shao Pengrui, technical director of crystal platform: the emergence of new new products and new technologies in the industry is undoubtedly an important aspect of ensuring competitiveness in the industry market. In the first two years of the development of the LED industry, enterprises in the practice of their own "internal work", but also should continue to refine and optimize the existing products, the performance of each product to the extreme, this should also be the survival and development of every enterprise magic weapon. Lin Jiliang, general manager of the LED: the emergence of small spaced display screens has indeed given the LED display industry a broader market space and development opportunities, including the use of indoor and outdoor display screens. I think the small spacing on the standard large screen is a big trend, but the profiled screen also has a more optimistic outlook. And the LED display screen in the outdoor, the absolute advantage of large display, the future development of the whole industry is still relatively large. Huang Bingkai, director of the marketing department of integrated technology and technology: in 2015, the industry presented M - oriented development. The big factory was carrying the advantage of capital and talent to the entrance of the LED display screen, while the module factory rolled the low end market at a lower price. In the future, the second line manufacturers are confronted with an upper and lower attack. In the future, only medium sized screen plants that operate special markets can survive or be M & A by big factories. The trend of replacing the direct lamp with LED is the trend of the module factory leading this wave, which makes the price not rise, and the supply chain has no benefit. Finally, the price of LED display products and zero components in the market is in chaos, and the price of the price will continue for a long time, until the previous wave of collapse, the poor manufacturers withdraw from the market or the big factory will continue to be stable. Zhao Yichen, chairman of Suzhou science and technology science and technology: 2015, the whole industry is cold and uneven, some unskilled and low quality enterprises fall down. At the same time, many enterprises with special features (products, technology, market, etc.), suitable positioning and innovative ability are still in the development path, from listed companies and subdivision markets. The performance of the leading company is visible. In 2015, the industry should continue to grow, and the individual is expected to grow up to 20%. As long as the individuals in the industry work together to truly "attach importance to technological innovation, increase quality control, focus on subdividing the market, energetically open up overseas markets, make real small markets, turn from price competition to value competition as soon as possible, and jointly expel inferior and low price products", LED shows that the industry will be obtained More space for development. LED technology director Qin Jian: the LED industry in the past 2015 is one of the most difficult years. Some LED display manufacturers have difficulty operating and declared bankruptcy. But this has not prevented the development of LED display technology, and some new technologies such as super LED TV, naked eye 3D, EMC/EMI And so on; every industry has its own law of development, after long years of development, LED display industry is now near the market saturation state, there is a stagnation of development, before long you can see a number of channels from the news media of the LED display manufacturers because of business difficulties and the news. Whether the LED display industry really meets the development bottleneck, is it difficult to keep healthy and high-speed development? Where is the development of the LED display industry? In our existing market environment, the outdoor installation of LED is wide.

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