Malaysia accelerates the development of solar energy and LED lighting industry
Source: Date:2018-08-07

In 2015, the Asian solar show (Solar Asia 2015) and the Asian green lighting exhibition (Ecolight Asia 2015) have been held earlier in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Many exhibitors expect that the rising energy costs and the implementation of environmental policies by local governments will bring a better prospect for the industry. The 2015 Asian solar show (Solar Asia 2015) and the Asian green lighting exhibition (Ecolight Asia 2015) were held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is the city's one week Asian environmental building program (EcobuildAsia), which is expected to bring more opportunities for LED lighting and solar panel industry in Malaysia. In general, the two major trends are optimistic about the market outlook, one of which is the rise in energy costs, forcing companies and consumers to explore various ways of saving energy, and the other is the maleasia government's policy aimed at promoting the country's environmental reputation. IQ Group, based in Penang, specializes in sensors and sensor - controlled LED products. BehHunYong, business development manager, said, "at present, everyone pays attention to environmental protection. As the energy cost is high, the consumer's ideas are beginning to change. Lybase, a LED manufacturer in Malaysia, and KenreeLow, assistant business manager, said, "there is a strong growth in the industry as consumers buy more environmentally friendly products." In the green lighting exhibition, exhibitors show many environmental protection lighting products, and claim that their electricity consumption is 70% to 90% less than traditional lighting products, which coincides with the market trend. However, the reasons for the rise of energy saving products, whether the environmental awareness of Malaysia enterprises and consumers have improved, or the rise in energy prices, the industry is different. JustinYang, the international business director of Shenzhen's LED producer RiShang, insists that the latter is the key factor. "The players do not care about environmental issues," he said. They are not interested in introducing environmentally friendly products to them, and they only take care of the cost. However, there are other people who have different opinions. TCMY is a Malaysia trading company specializing in the LED lighting system. Bryan Ooi, business development manager, said: "our large customers are not only looking at cost savings, but also expect products to be environmentally friendly as a corporate social responsibility." Government participation is another driving force in the growth of LED lighting. The Malaysia government has launched an environmental procurement plan to encourage people to switch to LED lighting products from traditional lighting systems, Low said. Now, all new development projects must use LED lighting. The implementation of the regulations is of great concern. The market has a number of product unconformity standards, many of which have been purchased from China, and the authorities must strictly regulate the LED lighting products purchased for new development projects. Yong also believes that the authorities can further promote the growth of the LED lighting industry. He said: I went to Singapore last week to attend another exhibition of the same kind, 10 times more people than here. The Singaporean government has implemented a number of measures to encourage people to use environmentally friendly products, especially the introduction of tax incentives. Therefore, the investment returns in the LED field in Singapore are very ideal, and the cost can be recovered as fast as 9 months, and the return period is shorter than that in Malaysia. Many exhibitors believe that the level of consumer cognition in Malaysia has stalled the development of the industry. Low said: "Lybase is the product of the product to meet the Malaysia and international standards certification, to highlight the safety and efficiency of the product. However, although our customers like to obtain certified products, but often do not understand the importance of it, we need to explain. " However, many exhibitors have pointed out that the LED lighting market is still in its infancy, and the consumer's awareness of the products will be deepened in the coming years. "5 to 10 years ago, LED was not a reliable or stable product," Ooi said. Today, LED has become very reliable and durable and can provide high quality lighting, so the consumer's confidence in LED is increasing. " The development trend of the solar industry is similar to that of LED lighting. MSD Blue Ocean is a manufacturer of solar ring in Malaysia, and New Yoong Chee, the manager, said: "everyone pays attention to environmental protection. Many developers want to build environmentally friendly buildings and need to purchase all kinds of environmental protection products. However, many people do not focus on environmental protection, but want to save money. " As in the field of LED lighting, the policy of the Malaysia government is closely related to the development of the solar industry. Trina Solar is a photovoltaic module manufacturer in China, and its emerging market, Asia and Middle East Business Manager JunrheyCastro believes Malaysia is a major emerging market, but its importance is still far less than Japan, China or India. "The Malaysia government is inclined to strongly support the development of solar energy and green energy," he said, "so the authorities will soon amend the policy to bring a huge change to the market and attract more domestic and overseas investors to invest more in the development of solar business." In view of the huge demand for electricity in Malaysia, Trina Solar is also engaged in generating electricity. Castro said the company has begun to build solar power plants and sell electricity to the power company because of the shortage of electricity markets in Malaysia. MSD Blue Ocean and Trina Solar are all manufacturing solar products in Malaysia for export. "Although most of our production activities are in China, we also have factories in Malaysia to serve the United States market," Castro said. Chee revealed that one reason for the production of MSD Blue Ocean in Malaysia is that the export cost of Malaysia is lower than that of China. He said: "we choose Malaysia because there are many concessions here to trade with Australia and New Zealand, and the cost of exports is low. In addition, if our parent company makes products in China and exports to the United States, it is required to pay anti-dumping duties; but there is no issue of anti-dumping duties in Malaysia production. " Many Chinese companies have been widely involved in the market for LED lighting and solar products in Malaysia, but at the two exhibition, exhibitors have different opinions on the quality of Chinese products. Of course, Chinese companies or companies selling Chinese products insist that their customers are willing to buy Chinese products. "Customers think our parent company is from China," Chee said. Many customers purchased products from German or American companies, but they found that all the products were made in China. However, Ooi complained that the biggest problem faced by the company was to compete with China's LED lighting products with cheap and inferior quality. He said: "there is a clear difference between the quality of our products and the quality of Chinese products. As to whether this will be a favor for consumers, it depends on their budget. If the budget is limited, they will choose to go in the direction of saving energy, that is, they will buy Chinese products. If they pay attention to quality, they will buy products from other suppliers, and may choose our company's products. As expected, the price is still a major factor in developing the Malaysia solar or LED lighting market. Because of the rise in energy prices, plus government incentives to save energy and use renewable energy more attractive, this trend will benefit the LED lighting and solar industry, and many exhibitors will be waiting for it.

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