What are the events in the LED circle in 2016?
Source: Date:2018-08-07

After the Spring Festival, we have been working for a week. Have you cured the holiday syndrome? In the year of the monkey, I wish you a happy new year and a prosperous business. Talk less about it, and see what happened to the LED circle since the beginning of the year... OSRAM CEO proposed to expand the general lighting market by SIEMENS disgruntled foreign media Reuters (Reuters) report, in February 16th, the German lighting group OSRAM (OSRn.DE) chief executive director on expanding the general LED lighting market strategy met the company's largest shareholder of SIEMENS (SIEGEn.DE) the attack. Earlier, some OSRAM shareholders were disappointed in the strategy that they announced in November 2015 to invest 1 billion euros in the establishment of a new LED semiconductor plant in Malaysia, resulting in a 30% drop in its share price. Analysts also believe that this is an adventure, worrying that OSRAM will put itself in a competitive street lighting and home lighting commercialization. Samsung Electronics has greatly reduced the LED packaging industry because of the low price offensive against Chinese manufacturers. Samsung has been in the end of last year at the end of last year in Samsung's LED packaging production line in the factory of Tianjin, China. It is sold to Chinese companies, but Samsung will continue to produce LED chips in the future; Samsung's Tianjin LED packaging production line is mainly to process the LED wafers produced by South Korea to produce lighting and TV backlighting, while the sale of the above LED packaging line equipment is estimated to produce billions of Korean yuan losses (that is, the sale amount is lower than the equipment price. " The loss has been listed in the 10-12 month report last year). Samsung has formally declared: "since 2012, Samsung Electronics has actively developed the next generation of LED technology, as well as the LED source for market progress, which is the task of the company's LED components, including LED packages, LED modules and LED optical machines. In order to get Samsung's business to operate more smoothly and maintain efficiency, Samsung sold the LED line equipment that was close to the depreciation years of the equipment in January 2016. Samsung will continue to strengthen the company's management efficiency and continue to promote flexible business strategies to meet the overall trend of the LED market trend. " PHILPS Century Road hundred year big factory PHILPS all the way through the practice? How did it survive in World War II? Facing the international manufacturers such as GE, SIEMENS and other international manufacturers, how can PHILPS be lost? In the following five articles, you will find the answer. PHILPS's Century (1): the first twenty years of the PHILPS Century (two): how to become the century of Europe's largest lighting company PHILPS (three): the first half century of the survival strategy of the PHILPS Century (four): how to become PHILPS? PHILPS's Century (end): how to survive in World War II: why Chinese purchase Lumileds was refused or because LED chip technology involved military workers in the middle of January this year, Chinese buyers who had been waiting for nearly a year had been rejected by the United States to buy a share of 80.1% of the Lumileds company under the PHILPS banner of Holland and to veto the cause. The end is not known to the outside world. An expert and another participant in the trade discussion revealed that worries about China's ambitions in the chip field were the main reason why American officials refused to approve the deal, the Reference News quoted foreign media sources as saying. However, industry insiders say the US side's rejection of the deal is not because it worries about the pure LED chip technology field, but because LED chips are in the field of semiconductor technology. If it is used in all kinds of sophisticated electronic equipment and military industry, it is not conducive to the protection of its dominant industries. GE in the United States full stop selling CFL sprint LED bulb permeability in the U. S. bulb GE plan to stop selling light bulbs (CFL), the United States market will be fully sold, the end of the end of the end of the CFL market is expected to complete the full sprint LED bulbs, GE currently the proportion of LED light bulbs still lag CREE (CREE), OSRAM (OSRAM), Philips (fly) Lipu), the legal person expects the manufacturer to hold the promotion again this year. For the station, the price of LED will not be easy to rise, but the quantity of shipment is expected to increase. A big single attack! GE General Electric Co. (GE), a LED lighting device for five thousand Morgan chase outlets, has reached an agreement with the Morgan chase (JPMorgan Chase & Co., JPM) to install new lighting for the latter's 5000 bank outlets in the United States. Current, a new business of General Electric Sales LED lighting, estimates that after installation, the energy consumption related to lighting of the Morgan chase bank network will be reduced by 50%. According to the agreement, Current will replace about 1 million 400 thousand existing lamps into LED lighting in the next two years, covering an area of 25 million square feet (2 million 320 thousand square meters). Current estimates that the new lighting system will save 184 million kw of energy for Morgan every year. The amount of the transaction is not disclosed. In 2015, the total revenue of the company was 625 million yuan, up 46.70% compared with the same period of last year, and the net profit belonging to the shareholders of the listed company was -8300.23 million, in 2015. It was down 248.48% from the same period of the previous year. National Star optoelectronic today issued 2015 annual results, the company achieved total revenue of 1 billion 839 million yuan, up 19.15%, the net profit belonging to shareholders of listed companies was 160 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.64%. Mao Suo power issued the 2015 annual performance report in February 16th. The total revenue of the company was 909 million yuan in 2015, a year-on-year increase of 44.72%, and the net profit belonging to the shareholders of the listed company was 24 million 54 thousand and 200 yuan, which increased by 150.26% over the same period. 780 million merger and acquisition of China Vision New Culture Lehman to expand the sports media resources Lehman shares 15 evening announcement, the company is to buy a 780 million yuan to buy Shenzhen Huashi new culture media limited 100%, Lehman and China's new culture will use different channels of media resources to provide customers with comprehensive advertising service, will The customers of the sports media resources extend to the subway TV resources, and the subway TV resources are popularized to the sports media resources to realize the market cooperation. The net profit of China Vision New Culture commitment 2016, 2017, and 2018 is not less than 60 million yuan, 80 million yuan and 100 million yuan after deducting non recurrent profit and loss. Ji Chi shares an increase of 2 billion 900 million yuan to raise funds for Internet TV business Mega shares (002429) issued a non public issuance of A shares in February 18th, the company is expected to have a price of 12.36 yuan / share in the number of non public issuance of no more than 238 million 3 thousand and 108 shares, the total amount of funds raised not over 2 billion 941 million 560 thousand and 84 yuan. The net fund raising of the non public issue (after deducting the issuing cost) will be used for the joint operation of the Internet TV business. Abison holding shareholders increased the holding of over 130 thousand shares of Abison February 18th noon announcement, one of the controlling shareholders of the company, the director and deputy general manager Ren Yonghong, on the 17 day, added 138 thousand and 800 shares of the company's shares through the bidding transaction. After the increase, Ren Yonghong directly held 3.58.26 shares of the company's shares, accounting for 19.0826% of the total share capital of the company. Hon Hai, SHARP cooperative measure production OLED iPhone 8 Panel orders Japanese media daily industrial news 12 reported that the restructuring of SHARP (Sharp) is receiving assistance from Taiwan Hon Hai, the possibility of rebuilding, and Hon Hai is expected to cooperate with SHARP, apple (Apple) is expected to open in 2018 The iPhone sale is ordered with the OLED panel. It is reported that Hon Hai plans to use the idle workshop in the factory of SHARP turtle factory and the existing equipment to establish the OLED panel production technology. After that, a small amount of production is planned to begin in the mid 2017, and the "three heavy factory" of the small and medium size panel, which is closed by SHARP in 2015, is also possible besides the turtle factory. The production of OLED panels will be reopened; in addition, the 10 generation panel factory, which operates jointly by Hon Hai / SHARP, also considers the large size OLED panel for measuring production of television. In the early morning of 6 days in Taiwan, the earthquake affected households in the earthquake affected the earthquake. The southern section of the earthquake affected households was 6.4 earthquake in the early morning of the earthquake. The southern section of the vicinity of the epicenter was also scattered in the southern section of the earthquake. The crystal circle broke in the Taiwan wafer generation station, and the joint electricity was caused by the earthquake. The panel factory created a small fire even in the five factory rooms. Fortunately, it was sent after the accident. In a few hours, it was extinguished, and many manufacturers stopped working at the moment. After the loss, they resumed production. The Taiwan industrial bureau pointed out that there were two sporadic disaster damage in the industrial zone in the middle area only, and there was no abnormal pipeline in the industrial bureau of each district, and the current return situation in the non industrial area was mostly a little loss of the factory or office. At present, the loss amount of the return Industry Bureau is within ten million, partly due to the power hopping. All companies are expected to quickly clean up and return to full line production. [industry phenomenon: quality door & recall door], Beijing industry and Commerce Bureau of light lamps and lanterns unqualified list of many enterprises in Guangdong before the list, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce in its official network announced the 2015 circulation field of lighting equipment quality inspection results. The results show that some quality problems exist in some commodities, such as harassment voltage, anti shock protection and other items that do not meet the requirements of relevant standards. In the unqualified list, "Dong Heng lamp" fluorescent lamp, "Mei Yi poem lighting" fixed LED lamp, "3G" fluorescent lamp, "TCL" LED ceiling lamp, "Bao Da lighting" civil suction ceiling lamp, "celebration and overflow lighting" suction ceiling fluorescent lamp, "Sheng Jiao" fixed fluorescent lamp, "LONPai" LED high power sucking top Lanterns, "JUHAO giant" hoist type energy saving fluorescent lamp appliance, "NVC" table lamp and other famous trademarks are listed on the list. "Recall door" another Lunera recall about 60 thousand LED industrial lighting Lunera to recall about 60 thousand lamps and lanterns in the United States, (1000 of them are sold to Canada), and the product model is Lunera 13 watt Helen GX23 LED industrial lighting. The United States said the lamps would not be used when the surge voltage was found to occur in a case. It may cause the burning of the circuit board and so on. Lunera received 11 reports on overheating of this lamp. But no user was injured. Consumers should immediately stop using the luminaire and contact Lunera for full refund. All the lamps and lanterns are made in China. Risk of falling lamp shade IKEA global recall millions of ceiling dome light IKEA (United States and Canada) appealed to consumers buying HYBY, RINNA and / or LOCK lamps and lanterns to take off the above lamps and lanterns immediately and send them to IKEA for full refund. This recall is due to the risk of falling of the lampshade when the IKEA is found in the installation process, which may cause the pressure of the lampshade, and the tenon material may be fractured by the glass lampshade. At present, IKEA United States and IKEA Canada have received two HYBY and one LOCK related return. No consumer is injured yet.

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