How Chinese LED enterprises should deal with the growing patent war
Source: Date:2018-08-07

A few days ago, Japan and Asia announced several infringement lawsuits about LED patents to the media. It is reported that, in addition to the YAG patent litigation in California, it also includes two infringement lawsuits against the LCD television manufacturer, Vizio, in the Dezhou district court. The surprise of this is that Japan is not the norm, not a lawsuit to LED chip suppliers or component suppliers, but to the end product manufacturer Vizio. According to an insider, the company said the company's intention was to prevent LED backlighting from using unpatented chips. He added: "we hope that all LED vendors can use legally and patented LED products." It is understood that, although the demand for LED wafers widely used for backlight applications has brought considerable shipments to LED manufacturers, the LED backlighting in these terminal products, even if the vendors are difficult to identify their own products, is not to identify the chips, even if the LED backlit wafers do not have the brand identity of the manufacturers. Manufacturer's identity. The latest case of Japan Asia: the prosecution of the US LCD television manufacturer in Japan, the reason why the current patent infringement lawsuit to Vizio is to find that the LED chip used by Vizio is very similar to the XI3030 chip process which is accused of the infringement of the XI3030 chip, thus identifying its imitations. As a matter of fact, the same court in January 28, 2016, which verdict XI3030, XI3535, 62-217D, 62-257D and 45-21S chip products, was true of infringement of the American patent No. 8530250 (patent 250). No doubt, it is difficult to prove that the LED wafer supplier is one of the main reasons. However, it is difficult for the manufacturers to bring a lawsuit to the competitors and turn to the manufacturers of the terminal products. Obviously, this is also a kind of "Self-protection" means to eliminate the use of illegal chips by some enterprises themselves actively engaged in R & D innovation. In this regard, the LED Industry Patent Alliance analyst said in an interview with the author that with the continuous maturity of the LED industry chain, the patent will gradually play a leading role. It is foreseeable that the future patent litigation will continue to increase, and the manufacturers know more and more the weapon of the law, follow the legal way, and pass the substance. Action to fight against opponents and coercion to negotiate. In her view, the incident is in line with her forecast of last year's Cree survey of 337, and it can be seen that the related LED patent litigation is going to go down. "After the lamps and lanterns will be more dangerous, the domestic chip has been unable to go out, because the design of lamps and lanterns and other reasons, the next home light going out of the pressure will also increase." She further explained that at present, the core technology of the upstream chip is still mainly in the hands of foreign giants. The export of domestic chips is difficult to avoid by the encirclement and suppression of the giant, and the design of lamps and lanterns and the use of the chips for infringement may face great risks when exporting to the developed areas. The extraordinary measures taken on this Japan Asia transformation have been predicted by the industry, or will have a impact on domestic backlight suppliers. At the same time, such a situation may also cause serious consequences for a LED chip that is not patented, and may even increase the cost of the end product. Finally, in the face of the aforementioned litigation risks caused by the patent problem, what should domestic enterprises have to do? The LED Patent Alliance analyst put forward a few suggestions and Reflections: first, domestic giant LED companies can obtain patents through overseas mergers and acquisitions, but in view of the fact that the US government had stopped the half of the Lumileds sale, had to think about how to do it, and how to make the overseas M & a plan come to a smooth conclusion Unimpeded? Second, domestic enterprises should be self strengthening, with HUAWEI in the development of the communications industry as an example, in the key areas to strengthen investment, to kill a blood path; third, through the "warm the group" in the way, the overall response, a combination of point and side, to carry out a comprehensive counter attack, in order to find the possibility of breakthrough.

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