International intelligent system giant snooping China's intelligent lighting market
Source: Date:2018-08-07

In 2016, the smart home industry once again set off a competitive boom, and domestic consumers' demand for smart home services has been further excavated. International intelligent system designers, represented by LUTRON (Road Electronics), also focus on the Chinese market. As an international Godfather intelligent system designer, LUTRON has focused on designing professional environmental dimming products and has accumulated over 2700 global patents in the process of more than 50 years, and more than 15000 services. In the international market, LUTRON has made a large number of top-grade lighting design schemes for governments, banks, enterprises, public welfare facilities and house home, including the White House, Statue of Liberty, Tokyo International Conference Center and Bill Gate private house. And after LUTRON enters the Chinese market, it has also been paid enough attention by the industry. At present, the successful cases of LUTRON in China include the capital museum, the Bank of China's Beijing headquarters, the Shanghai Urban Construction Group Corporation headquarters, the Park Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai and so on. In recent years, the development of China's economy has promoted the development of social infrastructure construction, and also created a good economic environment for the entry of international enterprises. LUTRON has already become the heavyweight brand in the domestic smart home industry, and has become the first choice brand of the important government enterprises and institutions lighting design and famous people's smart home service. As a godfather intelligent system designer, LUTRON will further dig into the potential of the domestic market in the future, and will inject more specialized elements into the development of the Chinese smart home industry. LUTRON believes that China is an oriental country with a profound historical and cultural background, and the differences in cultural concepts determine the difference between domestic customers' demand for intelligent dimming products. Chinese people pay attention to the performance of the cultural landscape, and pay attention to the problems of energy conservation, environmental protection, ecological harmony and so on. Therefore, in view of the professional lighting design of domestic customers, we should take full account of the portrayal of the oriental cultural elements. At the same time, it should have obvious energy saving functions, especially the design of large outdoor lighting, which should not only fully demonstrate the aesthetic feeling of outdoor buildings, but also respond to the surrounding environment. To eliminate the secondary problems such as lighting pollution. Therefore, LUTRON in the design of lighting for Chinese customers, according to the objective conditions of customers, for customers to formulate tailored demand solutions. Beijing headquarters, such as the Bank of China, has used the central lighting control system of Lu Chuang. The whole product design fits the features of the natural art landscape of the building to meet the diverse lighting requirements of different floors and buildings. Through ingenious design, the lighting covers all floors, and the energy saving is obvious. Use. In addition, in order to solve the problem of power quality instability, LUTRON uses real-time lighting and stability system (RTISSTM) to filter the line noise of the dimmer, so as to ensure the uniformity of the light modulation effect and the high quality level. As a result, LUTRON pays more attention to the customer's point of view to simulate the possible problem solving idea when designing the dimming product plan for the customer. This concept derives from the basic principles set up by LUTRON founder Joel Spira, that is, to make customers, companies and employees satisfied, develop quality products and create value for customers. This design concept based on customer demand oriented intelligent system has been widely recognized both at home and abroad. With the focus on the Chinese market in LUTRON this year, the domestic smart home industry is expected to be further developed, and the cognition of the Chinese market for modern intelligent systems will be gradually changed. LUTRON this focus is not only a product level of innovation, but also an era of change.

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