LED lighting into a small profit era should seize the opportunity of merger and reorganization
Source: Date:2018-08-07

LED lighting has entered a small profit era, and new entrants will face great challenges. So how to treat this industry calmly? In this regard, Zhang Guoyi, executive vice president of the Dongguan photoelectric Research Institute of Peking University, which is dedicated to the research and development of high-end semiconductor devices - gan substrate materials, said that the whole semiconductor lighting is still a big trend from the national strategy. It is one of the major national strategies during the "13th Five-Year" period. From the state policy support, this year, the support for LED lighting has been relatively reduced, but this year, the Ministry of science and technology has allocated 2 billion 800 million yuan to start a major project for advanced electronic materials, and in the major advanced electronic materials, the first is to develop semiconductor lighting. From the macro economic situation, the downward pressure of China's economy still exists, and the growth of investment is weak. Although the real estate policy has been relaxed, but the recovery is slow, especially the three or four line urban real estate market continues to be depressed, and the growth of domestic demand is insufficient. Zhang Guoyi said that in 2016, the future of the LED lighting industry is generally not optimistic, the manufacturing surplus, domestic enterprises have made no profit on LED products. At present, several major lighting families in Japan, the United States, Germany and other countries have announced their withdrawal from production and manufacturing and compete with Chinese Enterprises. "This is both a challenge and an opportunity." Zhang Guoyi said, in the present situation, the technology of domestic lighting enterprises can not be made up of foreign countries, but if the foreign countries withdraw from the production and manufacturing field and the domestic enterprises participate in the acquisition, the future production and manufacture of LED lighting must be all in China. China will make full use of the production and manufacturing roles and move towards high-end manufacturing, and the future is the future The only country in the world of high-end manufacturing in the field of lighting. "Objectively, the future of LED lighting industry will be 'leftover's King'. Zhang Guoyi said that at present, the State Ministry of science and technology has recognized the strategy and will introduce policies to help enterprises through the current difficulties and help enterprises to carry out transnational acquisitions. "LED lighting industry has entered the integration stage, the industry has a lot of space for development, the freezing period will be over, after the past, the Chinese enterprises are the international first." Zhang Guoyi said that future LED lighting will show a pattern of coexistence of demand growth and competition. It is suggested that new entrants should pay attention to the merger and integration of the LED lighting industry, or become a player among them. He said that the LED lighting industry has passed the stage of barbaric growth by supporting the development of the stage, the customers do not enter the lower link, because the future of the whole industry "shuffle" strength will become more and more.

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