Zhejiang lighting enterprises should be urgent to deal with the improvement of the energy efficiency requirements of the United States lighting products
Source: Date:2018-08-07

At the end of March, the United States issued two notifications to improve the technical requirements for the export of lighting products in the United States. In April 18th, the reporter learned from the Zhejiang provincial technical trade measures research and response center that, in order to safeguard the interests of our province and China's lighting enterprises, the provincial lighting leading manufacturers, lighting electrical associations, provinces and cities and the Shanghai inspection and Quarantine Bureau have been organized. According to the Zhejiang technical trade measures research and response center expert Pan Yang introduced, the United States issued two notifications, improved the low lumen output of the integrated lamp energy efficiency requirements, once the implementation, the enterprise at least 20% of the raw material costs. At the same time, the bulletin also improves the energy efficiency of lighting products. At present, in addition to the LED lamp, the other lighting products produced in our country can not reach the new energy efficiency level. Once the new standard is implemented, the lighting enterprises in the United States will face significant losses. Zhejiang is a large province of production of lighting products. There are more than 800 production enterprises. In 2015, exports reached US $9 billion 748 million, of which 16% exported the North American market. The impact of the two US briefings on the business is obvious. To this end, the provincial technical trade measures research and response center, from the date of discovery of the United States, held an emergency expert preparatory meeting for analysis, and applied to the China WTO/TBT notification center in time to apply for a review conference. "After receiving the invitation of the Council, we will sign up immediately. It is the hope that we can make amendments to the unreasonable part of the bulletin with the experts to minimize the impact of the notification on the enterprise." Chen Liang, the manager of Hengdian group lighting Limited by Share Ltd, is one of the experts participating in the briefing. In his view, the state lighting is the main export, in addition to the export of North American products in addition to the LED lamp, the electronic energy-saving lamps, outdoor lighting lamps and so on also occupy a certain share, if the implementation of the new energy efficiency standards in the United States, it will bring impact on the development of enterprises. "Furthermore, it is not reasonable to improve the energy efficiency of lighting products in the notification, and the different luminescence mechanisms of different types of lights are not taken into account. By discussing, we put forward the proposal of 'setting different energy efficiency limits for different types of general use lights'." Chen Liang said. Li Xiaobing, the director of the Limited by Share Ltd laboratory in Zhejiang sunshine lighting group, also worked with other experts at the Council to study the contents of the bulletin. "For our enterprises, the United States will increase the cost of raw materials by at least 20% if the new energy efficiency is implemented, and the total cost will be higher. This affects not only our business, but all the lighting companies that export the United States. " In fact, the energy efficiency standards set out in the terms, Li Xiaobing said, are higher than the U.S. "Energy Star" standard and the EU's similar product standards, which do not conform to Section 2.4 of the WTO/TBT agreement. According to the discussion, it is suggested that the US side refer to the US reference energy star LampsV2.0 and reduce the energy efficiency (efficacy) limit in table I-1.

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