Another bloody lesson the LED display enterprise needs to reflect on
Source: Date:2018-08-07

An unfortunate news: in the afternoon of May 6, 2016, "2016 Chinese good voice" the National City sea election Chongqing stone column "was carried out in the Times Square in Shizhu County. During the election process, the huge LED screen in the center of the stage (nearly 20) suddenly fell down and hit the female contestant who was singing, causing the competition to stop and the scene was in chaos. According to the lover, the whole LED shelf collapsed, the wind was not very strong, and the natural factors of the accident were eliminated. Is this the last time the LED display accident? What's the number? Whenever the LED display accident happens, it's a great irony for the LED display industry! We always say that the production technology in the LED display industry has entered a mature period, and we should be more advanced at the same time. Pay attention to the basic product quality problem? If every time to the quality inspection of the industrial quality, it is repeatedly found out that the LED display product is not qualified, the accident is repeated, and the LED display industry is "headline" on the negative reports many times. As the LED enterprise, will you have the light on your face? Face... It's a "black history" that belongs to the LED screen industry. After reading, please LED screen manufacturing and leasing manufacturers, not in the silence in the so-called reflection, so many accidents, also the actual action! Key words: LED display fire October 27, 2013 9 Xu, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport terminal shop suddenly fire, site ashes all over the sky The fire continues to spread, the B district security check mouth closes, close to the late baggage check section near the B area, and can not be used. According to Baiyun Airport, at 9:13 on October 27th at 9:13 in the morning of Baiyun Airport, a fire on the outside of a shop in the departure hall of Baiyun Airport was initially determined to be a short circuiting fire in a LED display panel in the departure hall. There are no reports of casualties at the moment. A three - level fire broke out in the April 21, 2012 Hongkong sea Yi Monarch Hotel. No casualties were reported in the fire. The fire was put out in the early morning of the second day. It is reported that the mainland a company held a public service to arrange more than 100 stars to stay in the hotel. At the time of the fire, the stars of the hotel included Sally Yeh, George Lam, Ku Kui Kei, Mei Baojiu, Hu Jun, Wang Rong, Sa Dingding, Han Lei, etc. After the fire, many stars reported in micro-blog for the first time. It is reported that the cause of the fire was that ray broke into the electronic screen board of the exterior wall of the hotel, and the electronic board dropped to the sundries beside the swimming pool and caused the fire. The walls of the exterior wall of the hotel were blackened. Fortunately, the police and fire engines arrived in time and finally put out the fire. In December 16, 2011, the Beijing Xizhimen shopping center started a fire, caused by improper construction of the LED screen. At the end of the same month, the LED display of the traffic building in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, also suddenly caught fire, and no casualties were caused in the two accidents. At the Guangzhou International Lighting festival in 2010, a sudden fire occurred outside the new library in Guangzhou and the main LED screen at Huacheng square. The fire rushed up quickly. Although the firemen arrived in a few minutes to extinguish the fire, the whole large screen had been destroyed and the new library was blackened. On June 10, 2015, about 7 a.m., the LED display and billboard of the post office building on the Yellow River Road, Hubin Road, Sanmenxia, started a fire, causing a large fire in the whole building, and the cause of the fire was unknown. In the afternoon of December 29, 2011, a fire accident occurred in the center of Yueqing, Zhejiang province. A LED display on the top of the traffic building in downtown Yueqing suddenly fires. The fire brigade eliminated the fire in half an hour and did not cause casualties. On June 2013, a display screen caught fire in the center of Madado, Indonesia. August 2013, Nigeria display fire scene key words: LED display panel collapsed at 5:30 in October 29, 2015, in the Guangxi Sports Center, the LED display for a singer's concert was suddenly collapsed with the stage lamp frame. 1 people were killed and more than 10 were injured. In July 23, 2015, the Ruzhou city square culture animal husbandry special scene in the Ruzhou theater square was hit by the wind, the background electronic screen was sluggish and 5 actors were injured. 2012-12-9 around 9:40 in the morning, the Yangzhou Sports Park badminton hall occurred a stage LED screen collapse accident. It is reported that the stage is a company to hold an internal year-end commendation meeting, third parties set up a temporary stage. The temporary stage and background LED display, set up by third parties, are 70 square meters and 40 square meters respectively. 7 people were injured in the accident, of which 5 were seriously injured. In September 24, 2011, the LED big screen on the stage of the Shangri-La hotel in Wenzhou city collapsed suddenly, and the bridegroom and mother-in-law were injured in hospital. 2015-03-19, in the Imperial Theater in Tokyo's thousand daoda District, is on the stage of a large LED screen collapse on the stage of the musical "Endless SHOCK", starring artist Koichi Domoto. 6 actors and others were injured, and there was no danger of life. The police station is investigating the cause of the accident in detail. In the evening of April 16, 2013, the wind was blown out in Panzhihua, and the LED display iron frame set up for the weekend exhibition was blown down by the Panzhihua center square. 6 staff were injured, 2 of them were seriously injured and were being treated in the hospital. Along the way, the heart stopper belongs to the visitors, belonging to those who are experiencing the accident personally, but is indifferent to the manufacturer that produces the inferior LED display screen. When there are many accidents, we often say to reflect, but today, the accident is still more than, whose fault is this? Now, LED display products are more widely used, if the LED display still maintains such a "from time to time to be crazy" state, then the risk factor for the society The higher, when the LED display gradually turns into a "dangerous product", the value of it will not exist! Therefore, we should not repeat the reflection, the action is the most real! The so-called "man" is the conscience, the product is based on the quality. We can allow products to not be innovative, but the basic quality of the product should be checked, do not pit consumers, and do not blacken the LED screen industry. If even the unscrupulous enterprise that life can ignore, then please "expel".

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