Deep revelation of the pain and bitterness behind the lighting designer
Source: Date:2018-08-07

In the opinion of many people, the work of the lighting architect is to design, take money, work easily, and make a lot of money. In fact, designers have their own pain and difficulties. At present, the pain and problems faced by domestic designers are generally summed up in the following aspects: first line designers are exhausted and open to reform and opening up, and the market economy system is deeply developed. China's GDP has been expanding rapidly for 20 years, and the domestic construction and building decoration industry has been greatly developed. Exhibition; the vigorous development of various construction projects, new open construction projects emerge in endlessly, China has become a hot and huge site! Architects in the field of architecture are facing the pressure of increasing workload at the same time with great opportunities for development. The increase of design business makes most designers exhausted all day long. The design process of the construction field is gradually falling into the "lack of thought", which makes the depth and breadth of professional research discounted. No wonder the friends of the foreign design community will say "Chinese designers have lost their style in the spring breeze!" The designer is trapped in the awkward situation of the vulgar economy, and in the short term, thousands of so-called "rich people" are created in every field of social production. These new rich people are not lack of millionaires and multimillionaires. But in this group of people, the wealth they have is not in direct proportion to the knowledge and internal taste in their minds. However, the crowd is becoming the backbone of the new market investment and construction, the designer needs the service. Ten years of hardship, a day to heaven, they have a very strong sense of dominance, often in the design of the project design to require designers to comply with their own wishes! Therefore, in this specific market stage, the vast majority of the construction projects have strong "Party A will marks", regardless of the taste of this sense of what level will be put into practice by the hand of the designer. A large number of buildings and decorative projects that lack scientific argumentation, cultural and artistic taste and blind extravagant accumulation are like bamboo shoots after the rain and the streets and lanes of China. And the designer is lost in this round of market, at least I think it is the common practice for most designers to survive, add extra work and interfere with the outside world, and kitsch is a common way to deal with this kind of design. But the sad thing is that in this process, the designer lost not only his own thoughts, but also his own academic quality and his own mentality, which has fallen into a sense of depravity in a sense. For the ecological problems related to the national conditions and the livelihood of the people can sit down and think more than few! The academic designers are unable to escape the theory from the practice, while many front-line designers are painstaking and poor in the tide of construction. Many excellent college designers (college teachers, researchers), they are not only food - free, but also have more advanced research equipment and comfortable working environment. They master the most advanced and ideal design ideas and ideas, and have improved artistic attainments. But in fact, the good environment has caused them to be out of line with practice, and can not serve the current wave of construction to the maximum. The high design ideas, theories and theoretical results have become weak without the practice. The design of the architecture field is a very practical subject. The state of superiority and idealism makes them reluctant to participate in the complex and intrigues of the first line competition, which will lead to the lack of the skills and means to realize their own creativity, and the advanced ideas are most difficult to attach to the practice! In order to meet the development of domestic construction and the reform of colleges and universities, many colleges and universities in China will open the market more popular or not, and expand the enrollment blindly. The field of architecture is no exception. All kinds of social forces, professional technical secondary schools, and even computer training classes have joined "the ranks of designers". Think of how many designers can understand the architecture, art and culture for a year and a half. However, in this short period of 10 years, the practitioners in the field of architectural design have been swollen, and the design market has entered a chaotic and unordered period of competition. There are also no lack of quality, lack of professional ethics, lack of academic quality and exploration spirit of the grass-roots designers, in the market competition they have reduced the value of the designer, blind pursuit of fame and profit, superficial kitsch pursuit of fashion, even to add fuel to the ranks of misleading consumption. This situation is particularly serious in the field of home decoration. In order to extract the so-called commercial promotion and promote the so-called new materials to Party A, the designers are everywhere. The great achievements of promoting the new materials for the benefit are also "brilliant". They should be responsible for the current construction and decoration project low taste as well as the accumulation of high-grade materials caused by the waste of resources to bear certain responsibility! The consequences of vicious competition have contributed to the fact that many excellent designers can not get the corresponding return and reduce the enthusiasm of the creation, and some public opinion in society compares the designer with the prostitute. So a lot of talents hide in Colleges and universities, their own research rooms are not willing to face the society, so that many practical design ideas can not be verified and developed in practice, which also includes many ecological fields of research results! The designers, senior masters and leading figures in the high-end design field are high and high in the field of high end design. In their position and past achievements, they are not fully responsible for the coming change. This is reflected in the fact that China has introduced a large number of high-end architectural design in recent years. These designs, while enjoying the great support of the national finance, have not played a reasonable role in inducing the domestic building energy conservation reform. On the contrary, it has triggered a new wave of construction of luxurious buildings around the country. The form of state has a bad influence. As the high end of the industry, the masters have more opportunities to study all over the world. They have profound cultural and academic attainments and most of the economy is very abundant. Small design can not be seen, big design can not give play to its authority, and put forward its own rationalization proposals, resulting in Chinese architecture and decoration design into two wrong and extreme development direction. On the one hand, the common people are not fit for the green design, and are buried in the waste of the national capital; the other is at all levels. The government "not rich first luxury" cost a great cost to introduce the vase like things that still need to be maintained at a huge cost... The overall difficulty in the discontinuity of the design of Chinese architectural design specialties is an excellent architectural designer in the developed countries, but also an excellent interior design. A good interior designer is also a furniture and ornament designer, and a furniture designer is likely to be a skilled craftsman! However, the training of talents in China's professional field is separated. The specialty setting of the university is to establish the architectural design, landscape design and interior design, and even the furniture design has been classified into the industrial design. This kind of talent training structure has caused the discontinuity of design in the field of architectural design in China. After the architectural designer completed the design of the civil structure, it threw the building hair embryo to the interior designer, and the indoor furniture system could only buy the finished product in the market. This is one of the reasons why China has never been able to win the landmark design in the design of the landmark architecture, which is not good for the interior and exterior integration of the interior and exterior design. Imagine the interior designer of the architectural drawings, first of all, to carry out the layout of the spatial layout and to realize the art of space. In this process, many original spatial structures will be modified. This kind of modification is almost no consideration of the so-called architectural appearance of the so-called indoor continuation of the process is often the process is to break the wall and dig holes in the so-called space art transformation, the formation of material waste is inevitable! On the problem of coordination, the architectural design pattern of each part of this architecture has restricted the designer's grasp of the overall situation of the building, and even the responsibility of each other. And the design of building energy saving system across the division of the division, the current design system is easy to become a tear, the need to coordinate the increase will cause a certain degree of confusion, to some extent to improve the cost of building. In the face of the ecological crisis and the energy crisis, the designers of the architectural and architectural interior design are of great responsibility and a long way to go, but the position of "the leader" is certain. This requires a large number of designers to start from themselves, change their ideas and cultivate their sense of responsibility; the research direction of the professionals should be dedicated and pragmatic, and China needs a large number of responsible and pragmatic green researchers. Call for more universal and public welfare research results for the people for the benefit of the people; at the same time, the policy level for the standardization of the designers and the improvement of the living conditions of the designers must also be followed. In order to overcome the ecological crisis, we must be concerned about the survival of the population. The so-called welfare policies should pay attention to the designers who have made great contributions to the national construction and are mostly in the freelance state.

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