After the destruction of the banned after sale, another domestic LED lamp was recalled
Source: Date:2018-08-07

In May 20th, the European Commission's non food fast warning system (RAPEX) issued a quality issue on a LED floodlight produced in China, which was reported to Hungary. The product is the REALM brand LED floodlight produced in China. The product has a motion sensor, the product model is FLOODLight-20W-S, the product code is 6927766070129, and the industrial classification code (OECDPortalCategory) of the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECDPortalCategory) is 78000000 (Electrical). The product has a serious quality risk, the cable is not properly protected, the artificial twisting and pulling easy to expose it outside; its PVC cable waterproof can not reach the demand, bring the electricity shock risk to the consumer. The product does not meet the requirements of EU low voltage instruction and the related European standard EN60598. At present, the EU has taken the coercive measures to withdraw the market and recall the above products.

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